3 steps to start the work year fresh


It’s a New Year and the perfect time to declutter and streamline your work process! Here are some ways for workers to throw out any junk that slows you down and start the year with a clear space and stronger resolve.


This is the best time to submit any reports, performance evaluations, or any compilations of projects you may finished in the prior year. You may also want to forward any expense reports or personal liquidations.

Sort out your documents

Now is the best time to sort through your physical and virtual files. Go through your inbox and drawers and sort out any papers or folders. Toss what you don’t need, and keep the others in clearly tabbed envelopes or folders. Important documents can also be burned into a photo archive

As for your computer, check both the desktop, My Documents and other work folders. Delete the files you don’t need, or rename the file names so that they’re easy to organize and find. For example, create a ‘2013’ Sales Repor folder rename the files to indicate the name of the account and the date, for example: ‘Northfield Account, May to Dec 2012′
As for your email, purge your inbox of unimportant messages and create email filters so you never have to wade through hundreds again.


Call everyone who is participating in a project for a synergy meeting that includes a status update and an action plan for the first month. Revise the deadlines and reinforce what you want accomplished by the next meeting.

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