3 vitamins that can help you stay happy all day


Nothing replaces positive thinking and a good stress management system. Bu there are vitamin supplements that can boost your mood, because they either contain natural tranquilizers or improve your body’s energy levels. So if you’re super-stressed or just feeling like you’ve got the blues, reach for these ‘happy pills.’ They won’t make your problems go away, but they can help keep your mind sharp, your mood light, and your body at its best—so you can take charge of your life and your happiness.

The vitamin that helps you stay calm

Look for a supplement that combines calcium and magnesium. Experts have called it one of nature’s most powerful tranquilizers, because of the effect on the nervous system and how it prevents stress-triggered symptoms such as anxiety and headache. In fact, calcium is often called the anti-stress mineral. Calcium also eases PMS symptoms and lowers blood pressure, while magnesium relaxes the muscles. There is also evidence that calcium and magnesium, combined, can improve sleep.
However, don’t mega-dose: your body can only take about 1,200 milligrams of calcium and 600 milligrams of magnesium a day. You may want to divide the dose (the intestines may not be able to absorb all of that at once) and distribute it over the day.

The vitamin that helps you stay cheerful

We tend to get grumpy and cranky when we’re tired or feeling overwhelmed. So boost your mood by boosting your energy and the confidence that you can handle whatever problem you have right now. Try folic acid. It helps convert food into usable brain energy, and keeps your mood stable too. In fact one study by the University of Toronto found that just 400 grams of folic acid a day can boost your mental energy and mood by 15%. Don’t take more than 600 grams ,though, because megadoses of folic acid can speed up cell growth and may be a concern for those at risk for breast cancer or uterine fibroids.

The vitamin that helps you fall asleep faster

Do you regularly nod off in front of the computer, sleep in spurts all night, and wake up exhausted? No wonder you feel down in the dumps—your body is running low on energy! For better mood , get better sleep. Regular intakes of copper may help: about 2 milligrams a day, with a maximum of 10 milligrams a day (going above that may cause liver damage). Studies show that these levels of copper help people fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper and more satisfying sleep.

However, vitamins can only do so much. Your mood and over-all happiness depends a lot on your work-life balance and your attitude towards life. For inspiration, read our article on Jesus and Work Life Balance.

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