7 ways to update your makeup routine after 30


Our skin changes after 30. Cell renewal and collagen production slow down, and even before our first wrinkle appears, we know that we no longer look like teenagers. Our skin can start to look dull. We may see discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Hormonal changes and stress can also cause breakouts. And as our skin changes, our beauty routine should too.

1. Invest in a good sunscreen

Skin aging is inevitable, but UV damage can cause our skin to age must faster. While we religiously apply sunscreen when we are at the beach, contrary to popular belief, we also need to apply it when we are indoors. UV rays can penetrate glass, so we are exposed even when driving or sitting by kitchen or office window. Don’t rely on the SPF in makeup, either, since it is unlikely that we will be putting on big dollops of foundation.

2. Look for a medium to high coverage foundation

Tinted moisturizers really look best on skin that is already in good shape. But the older we get, the more help we need. Look for a liquid or cream foundation that is buildable, so you can get more coverage in areas where you need it while still keeping it light on the rest of the face. These formulas also have a more natural finish—very thick foundations will settle into fine lines.

3. Get good makeup brushes

Brushes will let you blend products for a more natural finish. You also control the amount of makeup products you put on, which is crucial. Too much powder can make skin look dry, and harsh and unblended eyeshadow will only make eyes look tired and old.

4. Use a primer

Primers will not only make makeup last longer, they will prepare the skin for makeup by creating a smooth base for your foundation. Some primers will also do color-correction, adding glow or neutralizing redness.

5. Shape your eyebrows

Go to a professional. A good eyebrow shape can act as an instant face lift, making eyes look wider and balancing your facial shape so you look thinner.

6.Go easy on glitter

Leave the disco look to the young ones. Instead, look for finely milled shimmer eyeshadows, and don’t put gloss all over your lip (just concentrate in the center). These look more sophisticated and will not settle into lines. For more natural radiance, read our article on how to have naturally glowing skin.

7. Look for extra benefits

Many makeup products contain ingredients that have anti-aging and skin-pampering ingredients. While these cannot replace good skin care, it does not hurt to sneak in those great ‘skin vitamins’ at every opportunity. For example, some foundations have Vitamin E, while some lipsticks have shea butter or antioxidants.

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