3 Types of Men To Marry And Be Miserable


Blame it on Cinderella and Fifty Shades of Gray. Because of them, the population of baby boomers and millennials with XX chromosomes looked for their own Prince Charmings and Christian Grays to marry. And they lived miserably ever after. Picking the man you plan to live with ’til death do you part should be a […]

9 Tips To Finding Happiness In The Ordinary

Finding Happiness In The Ordinary

We all grew up equating happiness with celebrating special occasions, reaching milestones and achieving coveted objects. It’s your birthday. You’re graduating. You just bought your dream car. These events are cause for joy and jubilee. For the average person living an ordinary life, fame and fortune can be mesmerizing. But the reality is, everyday life […]

3 Common Unhealthy Habits of Millennials

Unhealthy habits of millenials

Smoking and booze are notorious for topping the list of harmful behavior across all generations. But today, Generation Y have their own unique challenges to having a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Many of the unhealthy habits of millennials are borne out of the advancements in technology that provide limitless possibilities. Technology misused has its negative […]

Promoting Your Business? Go Couponing!

Businesses need to be constantly find ways to promote their offerings and attract more customers onward. Regardless of their types and size, they have to come up with an aggressive marketing plan to successfully achieve their sales goals and one of the best ways to do that is by couponing. Coupons are popular sales tools […]

How Men Cope after Divorce

Divorce affects spouses in different ways. Women, who are more emotional in nature, often suffer the most during and after the divorce process. They end up alone with the kids, have little money and may experience depression for a long time. They feel devastated most of the time as they face the truth that their […]

Maintenance Tips for Your Flagstone Patio

Having a patio in the home adds value to the property and promotes outdoor living. The area is a great spot for families and friends to enjoy barbecues and fun conversation notably during summertime. But along with this comes great responsibility particularly in the maintenance aspect. Any patio requires tender loving care moving forward to […]

Beat the Blues of Working from Home

  Work-from-home people know it all too well. The first few months, working from home seems like the dream job. No more office politics and an overbearing boss. No more of the stress of getting stuck in traffic and being late for work. Then reality sets in. When you have a break from work, there’s […]

Top 10 Sources for Spam Email

Did you know that China and South Korea are Spammers Extraordinaire? According to this fresh infographic, the two countries are responsible for over fifty percent of the world’s email spam. Something to consider the next time you’re deleting another amazing offer for Viagra from your inbox. Moreover, if you’re located in Europe, you can thank […]

Ways to Stimulate Your Brain

Whilst most of us like to keep our bodies in healthy shape, one area thats easy to forget is the brain. Improving your brain function can aid better memory and attention span. So what can you do to assist with better brain health? Read on to find out. Eat the right foods Eating a nutritious […]