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Top 10 Sources for Spam Email

Did you know that China and South Korea are Spammers Extraordinaire? According to this fresh infographic, the two countries are responsible for over fifty percent of the world’s email spam. Something to consider the next time you’re deleting another amazing offer for Viagra from your inbox.

Where Spam Comes From

Moreover, if you’re located in Europe, you can thank the Koreans for all that spam; more than 56% of all european spam comes from South Korea. The latter has been making news lately for more than just gangnam style and k-pop; their decades-long dispute with Japan over comfort women, as well as their own comfort women from the Korean War, who are speaking up for the first time against their government.

Both Ukraine and the Philippines are also sending more spam to the world, while countries like India and Japan have actually shown a decrease in spam sent.

Be a Gentleman: Basic Golf Etiquette


Before playing any game, we usually learn the rules beforehand. The other unspoken rules, however, are best learned while playing. Golf can be daunting for beginners since the behavior expected of them is fairly different from players of other sports. Here are some basic rules of etiquette that can help even the most unseasoned golfer behave in a manner befitting a professional. Also, other players will be very grateful for it. [Read more…]

Gearbox Software and 3D Realms “Duke” It Out Again



While it’s undeniable that Gearbox Software and 3D Realms have always cultivated something of a love/hate relationship in the past, they recently appear to have returned to a cycle of exchanging lawsuits.

This time, Gearbox Software alleges that 3D Realms has worked with several other developers to illegally create a game based on the ‘Duke Nukem’ franchise. [Read more…]

5 Female Fighters Who Changed The Game

Female Fighters Can Bring It

If you grew up during the ‘80s and ‘90s, then you’re probably aware female fighters were pretty much confined to the choreographed world of professional wrestling and the occasional mud wrestling scene in an R-rated movie. (And they usually ended up topless.) Those days were a far cry from where we are now. That’s why we’d like to turn our attention to the five women who changed the game into something respectable.  

female fighters christy martin

No. 5: Christy Martin

Christy Martin is a professional boxer, who was fighting long before UFC was a gleam in Dana White’s eye. After starting her career with a draw against Angela Buchanan, she kept her nose to the grindstone and won 36 of her next 38 fights with one loss (which she avenged) and one draw thrown in for good measure. Her most devastating loss was against another entry on our list (Laila Ali) in a fourth round knockout. However, she was fighting Ali above her prime weight of 147. It was the only KO she ever suffered. She retired in 2012 after a unanimous decision loss to Mia St. John. 

female fighters laila ali

No. 4: Laila Ali

Some might consider The Greatest’s daughter to be The Greatest female fighter to ever take the stage. She’s certainly got the record to make a case (24-0, 21KOs). While we don’t think there’s much to those ‘ducking the top contenders’ rumors — sour grapes if you ask us — she has never answered the call against contender Ann Wolfe, though she may have some legitimate reasons.  

female fighters gina carano

No. 3: Gina Carano

Steroid monster Cris Cyborg may have ended Gina Carano’s career, but not before Carano put a new face to the skills that would eventually take women’s MMA mainstream. Prior to Carano, female fighters got a bad rap because they didn’t have the model looks and, quite frankly, few of them were decent fighters. But Carano came along and showed that you could exude femininity while also being strong enough and capable enough to handle yourself in a cage. NOTE: Cyborg tested positive for PEDs after this victory, confirming what the entire world already knew — she’s a cheater. 

female fighters lucia rijker

No. 2: Lucia Rijker

Rijker is easily the most dominant female to ever lace up the boxing gloves, especially when you compare her output to that of her direct competition. Rijker had two fighting careers. Her first began in 1982 as a kickboxer. She had 37 wins, 0 losses, and 25 KOs. Then, she moved to boxing, where she would also retire unbeaten. As a traditional pugilist, she logged 17 wins, 14 by way of knockout. She fought her last match in 2004, winning a unanimous decision against Deborah Fettkether. She also lent her talents as an actor and consultant on the Oscar-winning film Million Dollar Baby, and helped train Ronda Rousey for the Miesha Tate rematch.

female fighters rousey

No. 1: Ronda Rousey

How could you not put Rousey at the top of this list? She talks a mean game, but she also backs it up. (Ask poor Miesha Tate.) She’s also taken the sport of women’s MMA into the mainstream, and has main-evented UFC’s PPVs more than once in her short career. It never happened before Rousey, and it could be a long time before anyone knocks her off the top. 

Which of these female fighters do you think deserves the most credit? Share your comments below.

5 Young Celebrities Who Should Be Dead By Now

Are Miley Cyrus And These Other Young Celebrities In Trouble?

Young celebrities have a knack for getting themselves into a world of trouble, and while we would never wish harm to come to any of them, we’ve got to admit that it doesn’t make a lot of sense that these five have survived as long as they have. Call it misguided behavior, lack of parenting, or drug-induced, these individuals have certainly given their guardian angels a workout. 

No. 5: Miley Cyrus

Miley is one smart cookie, we’ll give her that. How else could she have come this far on the limited amount of talent and ability that she’s displayed? If Miley is deserving of her riches, we’re not sure why at this point. All we see in the public eye is a lost little girl, who never had proper guidance, prostituting her image in a desperate attempt to shed the chains of Hannah Montana. We get it. You’re not a child star anymore. But if you’re a grown-up, you sure don’t act like one. While Cyrus does a good job of concealing any physically reckless behavior — aside from the salvia-smoking incident — she has also proudly declared herself a ‘mentor’ to our number four selection, which is cause enough for concern.

justin bieber

No. 4: Justin Bieber

Bieber’s antics have been well-documented as of late, following an arrest in Miami for drag racing and other illegal behavior, with the most recent being the discovery of pot and pipes by Georgia authorities who went searching through his limo. One look at Bieber’s father will give you some idea of where these behaviors come from. The old man is reportedly joining Bieber on his ill-advised exploits. 

amanda bynes

No. 3: Amanda Bynes

Bynes had a rough 2013. She had a Twitter fight with Miley Cyrus and was arrested for DUI. She became a textbook example of how not to use Twitter, and finally, lost all of her agents, managers and publicists. With her career effectively over and ample causes for concern in the public eye, we fear that one day Bynes will end up as another tragic example of a child star who couldn’t adjust to adulthood.

lindsay lohan

No. 2: Lindsay Lohan

Lohan’s reckless behaviors are well-documented in the media, though she hasn’t been as much of a problem lately. Still, she’s considered difficult to work with, lacking in dependability, and she’s certainly not above breaking the law and placing herself in harm’s way, with DUI, misdemeanor possession, and grand theft charges on her record. Until we see some positive press start coming to light, Lohan is still on the list.

shia labeouf

No. 1: Shia LaBeouf

Any time celebrities get so hard up for attention that they start acting as over-the-top as LaBeouf, you can’t help but worry. Shia’s career controversies include multiple arrests for criminal trespassing, assault with a deadly weapon, and drunk driving, but it’s his most recent antics that are the most concerning. LaBeouf released a short film in December 2013. It was quickly picked apart for plagiarizing Ghost World from creator Dan Clowes. From there, bloggers noticed further plagiarism in Shia’s comic book endeavors and a variety of other creative projects. The resulting fallout has caused him to declare that he is ‘not famous anymore,’ which millions found out when he appeared wearing that phrase on a paper bag over his head at a red carpet event.

Which of these young celebrities do you think is in the most trouble?

Watch These 5 Horror Movies On Valentines Day

Horror Movies On Valentines Day, Perfect Couple Pastime

Valentine’s Day is a day loved and respected by some (happy couples) and hated by others (bitter singles and couples on the verge of breaking up). While the three groups can seldom agree on how to take it — and some have even gone to calling it ‘Single Awareness Day,’ what everyone should agree on, is that horror movies on Valentines Day are awesome, albeit for very different reasons. 

Happy couples can take joy in the fact that if one partner gets scared, there’s an excuse to snuggle. Unhappy couples and bitter singles can take joy in the fact that other people, even if they are a bunch of movie characters, are having a worse V-Day than they are. Luckily, we’ve got five horror movies to share that should go perfect with the festivities.  

my bloody valentine

1. My Bloody Valentine

If we had to rank these, this one would be at the top, especially in the uncut version that wasn’t released on DVD until 2012. If you like atmosphere, blood, guts, and relatively competent filmmaking, then this is the movie for you. Again, in uncut form, it earns the heck out of that R rating, so it’s not for the squeamish. 

my bloody valentine 3d

2. My Bloody Valentine 3D

The 2009 remake of My Bloody Valentine is way more over-the-top than its predecessor, and the red stuff is mostly CGI, so it comes off hokier, but it’s still a lot of fun seeing psycho coal miner ‘Harry Warden’ in action again. (Though, SPOILER ALERT, if you’ve seen either flick, you know Harry Warden is just a red herring for the true killer.) 

the loved ones

3. The Loved Ones

Technically, this Australian horror film is centered around the prom, but what is Valentine’s Day if not a precursor to that magical night in the lives of most 16- to 18-year-olds? The Loved Ones is part torture porn, part dark comedy, and centers on a twisted teen, who decides to kidnap her ‘prom date’ and subject him to unimaginable horrors. 

lovers lane

4. Lovers Lane

Lovers Lane, from 2000, was one of the few standouts among the second glut of slasher movies. The first glut produced the superior My Bloody Valentine in the early 1980s. The second, on the heels of Scream, birthed this shocker with Anna Faris and Richard Sanders (WKRP’s Les Nessman) about an escaped mental patient who may (or may not) be picking off teenagers one-by-one using a hook. Not very original, we know, but slasher flicks don’t have to be as long as the kills are good — and for the most part, these are. 


5. Valentine

Valentine is definitely the weakest to watch of the horror movies on Valentines Day. It has a dumb ending and a by-the-numbers childhood memory-turned-revenge plot. However, it’s worth watching for the creepy looking Cupid Killer and an early screen appearance of Katherine Heigl. Plus, it’s pretty tame on violence, so it should be ‘just right’ as a couples horror movie. Based on the Tom Savage novel, it also stars David Boreanaz, Denise Richards, Marley Shelton, and Jessica Capshaw.

Do you watch horror movies on Valentines Day? If so, what are your favorites? Share in the comments section below!

7 Action Movies So Bad They’re Awesome

Action Movies That Are Bad, Bad. Bad
One of the pure joys of growing up in the 1980s and ‘90s was watching action movies where the bad guys were nasty, the good guys were cool, and evil always got its comeuppance. Most of these films were so bad they were awesome, and they came complete with cheesy looking VHS artwork. A few snuck on to the big screen, but for the most part, they were confined to the rental stores and late-night HBO viewings. Here are seven of our favorites!

1. Never Too Young To Die

Ah, a late-night HBO classic from the days of my youth! A year before John Stamos would land his role as Uncle Jesse on that crapfest Full House, he starred as a high school gymnast/action-hero opposite bad guy Gene Simmons in this film from 1986. Other standouts included a washed-up former James Bond (George Lazenby of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) and flash-in-the-pan singer/actress Vanity. Also, if you can track this one down, watch for a much younger Robert Englund as ‘Riley.”

2. Gymkata

What was it with the 1980s and male gymnasts? Here we have a second film that places these competitive acrobats front-and-center. This time, they at least recruited a real gymnast to fill the part in Olympian Kurt Thomas. Too bad he couldn’t act. Of course, with a script and an idea this bad, he really didn’t have a chance. In case you want to know, it’s about a champion gymnast (and son of a former CIA operative), who must compete in a brutal competition with the fate of the Star Wars satellite program hanging in the balance.

3. No Holds Barred

Hulk Hogan’s debut in a starring role, and he makes Arnold Schwarzenegger look like Sir Laurence Olivier. The movie was really a setup for wrestler Hulk’s WWF angle against fellow co-star Zeus. The less said about both, the better.
road house

4. Road House

Patrick Swayze’s martial arts classic packs in some great lines — ‘Pain don’t hurt,’ ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead,’ and ‘I used to f*** guys like you in prison!’ — into a silly story with loads of one-dimensional characters. What’s not to like?

5. Murphy’s Law

Charles Bronson takes on a vicious female assassin with the help of one of the most obnoxious, loud-mouthed characters in movie history (thanks, Kathleen Wilhoite, for instant conversation starters like ‘You snot-licking donkey fart!’) 
no retreat no surrender

6. No Retreat, No Surrender

Want to see Jean-Claude Van Damme get his butt handed to him by scrawny Kurt McKinney? No Retreat, No Surrender, my friend. In this 1986 action vehicle, McKinney trains with the ghost of Bruce Lee to overcome his bullies and take on a Seattle crime syndicate. Seems legit.

7. China O’Brien

Martial arts great Cynthia Rothrock could certainly kick, but she sure couldn’t act. That didn’t stop this selection on our list of awesomely bad action movies from being a lot of fun. Basically, it’s Rothrock and Richard Norton (no martial arts slouch himself) taking on organized crime in a small town. Basically, it’s the plot to Walking Tall with a woman in the lead role. 
What action movies do you think are the best of the worst? Share your thoughts in our comments section below!

4 Annoying Friend Behaviors That Make Us Want To Disconnect

annoying friend behaviors to send you running from social media

Social networking sites — emphasis on Facebook — have changed the way we communicate with our friends and family, and not for the better. Instead of engaging in real conversations with real people and enjoying real moments as they happen, we often get locked in comment wars with people we’ve never actually met and end up recording memorable moments instead of actually experiencing them. (All so we can post it later to our timeline and watch the Like counts go up.)

There’s a lot to like about social media, but there’s also plenty to hate, and unfortunately, most of the latter comes from the people who are supposed to be friends. These are their top behaviors that make us want to disconnect in 2014.

partisan posting

Partisan Posting

I have more than 900 friends on Facebook (and we’re oh-so-close), and while pretty much all of them hate Congress and/or the President, each one believes it’s the other guy’s fault. Yes, people are fed up. There’s a revolution brewing. And by God, they’re gonna change the world…by voting for the same exact people who are currently in office. Not only that, they’re going to tell you about it while sharing post after post from sites like Mother Jones, MSNBC, and Newsmax. 

facebook chainmail

I Know Most Of My Friends Won’t Share…

These are the 21st Century equivalents of chain letters, and they come in a few different forms. There’s the guilt-trip that tries getting you to re-post or Like something. There’s the BS share-this-and-in-the-next-hour-God-will-bless-you. There’s the random article-share where “You won’t believe what happens next.” (Shutty, ViralNova and Upworthy.) Give it up. Post things that are interesting to you, but cut it with the sappy emotional appeals.

facebook bragging

Constantly Trying To Prove You Have A Great Life

We sincerely don’t want anyone to be unhappy. (Well, unless you abuse a child; then we want you to be very unhappy.) However, six posts a day about how blessed you are to be doing what you’re doing, to have the man/woman/child in your life that you adore, name-dropping, etc. Stop being such a Like-ho, and start using a little discretion. You can be positive without constantly fishing for compliments or coming across as a one-upper.

facebook drama queen

Constantly Hating Life

If your last several posts are about how bad life is, how other people are mean or suck or are always out to get you, how your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/babymama/babydaddy is always trying to screw up your life, then I got news: you’ve got a little drama queen in ya. That’s right. Life may or may not be screwing you, but if you’re constantly complaining about how bad it is, then you’re bringing quite a bit of it on yourself. Check over your last 10 posts. If half or all can be construed as negative, then you probably need to make a few life changes of your own.

So that’s it — everything that makes us want to disconnect (or at least deactivate). What friend behaviors make you want to do the same in 2014? Let us know in the comments section.

Don’t you just hate them (5 Annoying Celebrities)

Celebs – you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them either. They’re normal people, just like you and me however, since they are in the spotlight, their every move is photographed, reported and rubbed into our faces. There are some celebrities who are “harmless” – they are the ones who you just can’t dislike: no matter how bizarre their behaviour, no matter what the tabloids report.  However, there are celebrities who are just – annoying. They could be doing something innocuous such as sitting in a café having a cup of coffee and yet they’d get a rise out of you. There are a lot of hopelessly annoying celebrities around, and here’s five of them (individuals and/or couples) in no particular order:

[Read more…]