Top 10 Sources for Spam Email

Did you know that China and South Korea are Spammers Extraordinaire? According to this fresh infographic, the two countries are responsible for over fifty percent of the world’s email spam. Something to consider the next time you’re deleting another amazing offer for Viagra from your inbox. Moreover, if you’re located in Europe, you can thank […]

Be a Gentleman: Basic Golf Etiquette


Before playing any game, we usually learn the rules beforehand. The other unspoken rules, however, are best learned while playing. Golf can be daunting for beginners since the behavior expected of them is fairly different from players of other sports. Here are some basic rules of etiquette that can help even the most unseasoned golfer […]

Gearbox Software and 3D Realms “Duke” It Out Again


Image While it’s undeniable that Gearbox Software and 3D Realms have always cultivated something of a love/hate relationship in the past, they recently appear to have returned to a cycle of exchanging lawsuits. This time, Gearbox Software alleges that 3D Realms has worked with several other developers to illegally create a game based on the […]

5 Female Fighters Who Changed The Game

Female Fighters Can Bring It

If you grew up during the ‘80s and ‘90s, then you’re probably aware female fighters were pretty much confined to the choreographed world of professional wrestling and the occasional mud wrestling scene in an R-rated movie. (And they usually ended up topless.) Those days were a far cry from where we are now. That’s why […]

Watch These 5 Horror Movies On Valentines Day

Horror Movies On Valentines Day, Perfect Couple Pastime

Valentine’s Day is a day loved and respected by some (happy couples) and hated by others (bitter singles and couples on the verge of breaking up). While the three groups can seldom agree on how to take it — and some have even gone to calling it ‘Single Awareness Day,’ what everyone should agree on, […]

4 Annoying Friend Behaviors That Make Us Want To Disconnect

annoying friend behaviors to send you running from social media

Social networking sites — emphasis on Facebook — have changed the way we communicate with our friends and family, and not for the better. Instead of engaging in real conversations with real people and enjoying real moments as they happen, we often get locked in comment wars with people we’ve never actually met and end […]