Watch These 5 Horror Movies On Valentines Day

Horror Movies On Valentines Day, Perfect Couple Pastime

Valentine’s Day is a day loved and respected by some (happy couples) and hated by others (bitter singles and couples on the verge of breaking up). While the three groups can seldom agree on how to take it — and some have even gone to calling it ‘Single Awareness Day,’ what everyone should agree on, […]

Highly Recommended Kickstarter Comics for Geeks

imaginary drugs

It cannot be denied that comic books are one of the oldest forms of entertainment available to humans. Owing to their funny stories, they make people smile or laugh. Contrary to what some people believe, comics are not only meant for the kids. In fact, numerous adults also love reading and following comic strips. Some […]

Whatever happened to that kid in …. (take a look at 5 former child actors and see where they are now)


It happens: you’re watching a flick on DVD and you wonder what that actor was before he became famous. Sometimes, the opposite occurs. You wonder, “whatever happened to that cute kid who played so-and-so in that film with Tom Cruise?” Well wonder no more. Here’s the low-down on 5 of the most adorable child actors […]