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Watch These 5 Horror Movies On Valentines Day

Horror Movies On Valentines Day, Perfect Couple Pastime

Valentine’s Day is a day loved and respected by some (happy couples) and hated by others (bitter singles and couples on the verge of breaking up). While the three groups can seldom agree on how to take it — and some have even gone to calling it ‘Single Awareness Day,’ what everyone should agree on, is that horror movies on Valentines Day are awesome, albeit for very different reasons. 

Happy couples can take joy in the fact that if one partner gets scared, there’s an excuse to snuggle. Unhappy couples and bitter singles can take joy in the fact that other people, even if they are a bunch of movie characters, are having a worse V-Day than they are. Luckily, we’ve got five horror movies to share that should go perfect with the festivities.  

my bloody valentine

1. My Bloody Valentine

If we had to rank these, this one would be at the top, especially in the uncut version that wasn’t released on DVD until 2012. If you like atmosphere, blood, guts, and relatively competent filmmaking, then this is the movie for you. Again, in uncut form, it earns the heck out of that R rating, so it’s not for the squeamish. 

my bloody valentine 3d

2. My Bloody Valentine 3D

The 2009 remake of My Bloody Valentine is way more over-the-top than its predecessor, and the red stuff is mostly CGI, so it comes off hokier, but it’s still a lot of fun seeing psycho coal miner ‘Harry Warden’ in action again. (Though, SPOILER ALERT, if you’ve seen either flick, you know Harry Warden is just a red herring for the true killer.) 

the loved ones

3. The Loved Ones

Technically, this Australian horror film is centered around the prom, but what is Valentine’s Day if not a precursor to that magical night in the lives of most 16- to 18-year-olds? The Loved Ones is part torture porn, part dark comedy, and centers on a twisted teen, who decides to kidnap her ‘prom date’ and subject him to unimaginable horrors. 

lovers lane

4. Lovers Lane

Lovers Lane, from 2000, was one of the few standouts among the second glut of slasher movies. The first glut produced the superior My Bloody Valentine in the early 1980s. The second, on the heels of Scream, birthed this shocker with Anna Faris and Richard Sanders (WKRP’s Les Nessman) about an escaped mental patient who may (or may not) be picking off teenagers one-by-one using a hook. Not very original, we know, but slasher flicks don’t have to be as long as the kills are good — and for the most part, these are. 


5. Valentine

Valentine is definitely the weakest to watch of the horror movies on Valentines Day. It has a dumb ending and a by-the-numbers childhood memory-turned-revenge plot. However, it’s worth watching for the creepy looking Cupid Killer and an early screen appearance of Katherine Heigl. Plus, it’s pretty tame on violence, so it should be ‘just right’ as a couples horror movie. Based on the Tom Savage novel, it also stars David Boreanaz, Denise Richards, Marley Shelton, and Jessica Capshaw.

Do you watch horror movies on Valentines Day? If so, what are your favorites? Share in the comments section below!

7 Action Movies So Bad They’re Awesome

Action Movies That Are Bad, Bad. Bad
One of the pure joys of growing up in the 1980s and ‘90s was watching action movies where the bad guys were nasty, the good guys were cool, and evil always got its comeuppance. Most of these films were so bad they were awesome, and they came complete with cheesy looking VHS artwork. A few snuck on to the big screen, but for the most part, they were confined to the rental stores and late-night HBO viewings. Here are seven of our favorites!

1. Never Too Young To Die

Ah, a late-night HBO classic from the days of my youth! A year before John Stamos would land his role as Uncle Jesse on that crapfest Full House, he starred as a high school gymnast/action-hero opposite bad guy Gene Simmons in this film from 1986. Other standouts included a washed-up former James Bond (George Lazenby of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) and flash-in-the-pan singer/actress Vanity. Also, if you can track this one down, watch for a much younger Robert Englund as ‘Riley.”

2. Gymkata

What was it with the 1980s and male gymnasts? Here we have a second film that places these competitive acrobats front-and-center. This time, they at least recruited a real gymnast to fill the part in Olympian Kurt Thomas. Too bad he couldn’t act. Of course, with a script and an idea this bad, he really didn’t have a chance. In case you want to know, it’s about a champion gymnast (and son of a former CIA operative), who must compete in a brutal competition with the fate of the Star Wars satellite program hanging in the balance.

3. No Holds Barred

Hulk Hogan’s debut in a starring role, and he makes Arnold Schwarzenegger look like Sir Laurence Olivier. The movie was really a setup for wrestler Hulk’s WWF angle against fellow co-star Zeus. The less said about both, the better.
road house

4. Road House

Patrick Swayze’s martial arts classic packs in some great lines — ‘Pain don’t hurt,’ ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead,’ and ‘I used to f*** guys like you in prison!’ — into a silly story with loads of one-dimensional characters. What’s not to like?

5. Murphy’s Law

Charles Bronson takes on a vicious female assassin with the help of one of the most obnoxious, loud-mouthed characters in movie history (thanks, Kathleen Wilhoite, for instant conversation starters like ‘You snot-licking donkey fart!’) 
no retreat no surrender

6. No Retreat, No Surrender

Want to see Jean-Claude Van Damme get his butt handed to him by scrawny Kurt McKinney? No Retreat, No Surrender, my friend. In this 1986 action vehicle, McKinney trains with the ghost of Bruce Lee to overcome his bullies and take on a Seattle crime syndicate. Seems legit.

7. China O’Brien

Martial arts great Cynthia Rothrock could certainly kick, but she sure couldn’t act. That didn’t stop this selection on our list of awesomely bad action movies from being a lot of fun. Basically, it’s Rothrock and Richard Norton (no martial arts slouch himself) taking on organized crime in a small town. Basically, it’s the plot to Walking Tall with a woman in the lead role. 
What action movies do you think are the best of the worst? Share your thoughts in our comments section below!

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Contrary to what some people believe, comics are not only meant for the kids. In fact, numerous adults also love reading and following comic strips. Some including the geeks are even passionate about collecting them.

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Entertainment Weekly has made  a list of what they consider to be the 20 Scariest Movies of All Time, and another listing the 20 Top Horror Films Since ’92. Since 40 would be an extremely long list, so you’ll only see 7 in o5‘s list.

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