Rawism (Raw Food Diet)

Saurkraut from Wikimedia Commons

Rawism or raw-foodism is defined as “a diet consisting of uncooked, unprocessed and often organic or wild foods.” Proponents of rawism believe that consuming uncooked, unprocessed plant foods leads to a leaner body, clearer skin and higher energy, which, according to researches, is true (to some extent). An article on Full Circle identifies the benefits as those […]

Presenting … the Pizza!

Deep Dish Pizza (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Mmmm …. Pizza! Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past millennia, you should know what a pizza is. In case you’ve forgotten (how could you?), pizzas are those yummy oven-baked, flat delicacies usually topped with tomato sauce, cheese and various other toppings! Stereotypically eaten by men while watching a sporting match (usually […]

Nine Strange Brews

Image source: Mashable

Ahhh … Beer, the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage and the 3rd most popular drink of all (after water and tea). Beer is produced by incorporating starch from malted cereal grains such as barley and wheat with sugar and yeast – and allowing these ingredients to ferment. Most beer is flavoured with hops although other […]

Keep Calm and Eat On (10 food items that can help you keep calm)

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It’s a known fact that having too much stress in your life can cause a whole lot of undesirable effects on your body. Too much stress can cause headaches, migraines, upset stomachs, nausea .. and who knows what other long-term effects this may have on the body. Unfortunately, no one can totally eliminate stress from […]

Eat, Drink and Be Merry (Food that Make You Happy)

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

When depression strikes, people normally grab a bit of comfort food to make them feel better. Ice cream is a popular comfort food (you’ve heard of girls pigging out on a tub of Ben & Jerry’s after a break up right?), so are pizza and beer (this food pairing is usually associated with guys, though). As yummy as these […]