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Gearbox Software and 3D Realms “Duke” It Out Again



While it’s undeniable that Gearbox Software and 3D Realms have always cultivated something of a love/hate relationship in the past, they recently appear to have returned to a cycle of exchanging lawsuits.

This time, Gearbox Software alleges that 3D Realms has worked with several other developers to illegally create a game based on the ‘Duke Nukem’ franchise. [Read more…]

5 Top Instagram Photographers Worth Following

Instagram may be well known as a popular photo sharing site but it goes beyond that. In fact, apart from people who simply want to post their images on the site regardless of their quality, there are those who use the platform for a worthy purpose. They post the most beautiful and professionally taken photos that captivate the hearts and minds of other users.

It’s time to find out who these top photographers are and why you need to follow them. You may also be interested in creating unique images for a particular theme. If so, you have to join the Instagram photo challenges.

Charity: Water


Charity: Water or @charitywater is a non-profit organization on a mission to provide clean and potable water to people in developing countries. Its photos on Instagram show children and other people uniquely captured using water. [Read more…]

The Fun Way to Learn Math

Learning Math has long been associated with a different kind of learning challenge for many. It is a subject that has earned a reputation for being difficult to understand mainly because of the nature of mathematical analysis that needs to be done which is not always obvious to learners. With the need to remove that perception of difficulty that tend to pervade among students, Math is now being sought to be taught in a much more enjoyable way.

pumpkin math


Image Source

Is Math Really Hard to Learn?

The answer to this question is not the same for all. Some will say yes while others will say no. Whatever the answer though, there is one thing that is required from learners of Math. This is the need to have reasonable patience and persistence when dealing with Math problems.

Rather than a question of intelligence, it boils down to the effort of building Math knowledge through foundational preparation. In simple English, this is about ensuring that the basic skills are completed and achieved before going on to the next level. To be able to divide effortlessly for example, knowledge of multiplication is required. As students attempt to try on more difficult topics, the harder it becomes to cope when level deficiency is continuously not addressed and is allowed to accumulate instead.

The Usual Obstacles Related to the Study of Math

A less than solid foundation on basic skills, operations, principles, and analysis will definitely make learning Math more difficult as topic progresses. Difficulty leads to disinterest and  rejection which makes even easy Math topics difficult than they actually are. Mathematical concepts are interrelated thus the necessity to gain understanding of each concept and connect each to the other.

Solving Math problems is also often perceived as tedious. Some see the subject like a foreign language that is alien to their possessed capability. In addition to the inherent need to think when tackling Math, there needs to be a conscious effort to go back to unclear topics until they are mastered.

Why Make Learning Math Fun?

Learning Math the fun way is now possible through the use of games and other entertainment platforms that will lessen outright rejection of it. Fun learning is almost effortless. It removes the stigma of Math being branded as a boring and difficult subject. School have already recognized the potentials of fun Math learning in encouraging genuine interest in the subject.

About the Author:

Noelle Eberts has a passion for connecting children to the possibilities that math can unlock. She writes independently for MathNook and is a great resource for all kinds of kid’s math games. Noelle is a part-time math tutor and a full-time Mom!


Trick or Treat! (10 Easy to Make Halloween Costumes for Kids)

It’s HALLOWEEN once again and it’s time to prepare costumes for your little angels for their annual trick or treat activity around your neighbourhood.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to dress your child in ghoulish and scary costumes. You can dress them up as teddy bears or cupcakes – and you don’t need to spend a fortune on the costumes either. Most costumes can be purchased from thrift stores and, if you want to be creative, you can just make your child’s halloween costume!

Here are 10 costumes that you can easily make for your little angel (click on the image to be directed to the source page).

Bubble Bath

Image source: Parenting.com


Image source: Parenting.com

Image source: Parenting.com

Frankenstein’s Monster

Image source: Parenting.com

Image source: Parenting.com


Image source: Parenting.com

Little Red Riding Hood

Image source: Parenting.com

 Corn on the Cob (those are egg boxes)


Image source: Parenting.com


Image source: Parenting.com

Snow Storm

Image source: Parenting.com


Image source: Parenting.com

Little Red Devil

Image source: Parenting.com

Of course you can create other kinds of costumes, depending on what your child wants to be come trick or treat evening. You can transform your child into a princess, a mermaid, an elf – or even an ice cream cone. Just let your imagination and your creativity run wild.

Have fun creating!

Caring for your Camera

Image Source: Wikipedia

Even though digital cameras have made photography more accessible to everyone, photography is still quite an expensive hobby or profession. Yes, producing images hardly cost a thing, but the equipment needed to capture those images are more intelligent than older cameras thus – they cost more than older versions. Some high level point and shoot cameras can already cost an arm and a leg – expect to spend more on good quality digital camera bodies and lenses.

Since you will be spending a lot on a digital camera (and its accessories), you would most likely want to take good care of it. If you think you need to have a lot of expensive gadgets to keep your camera clean, you’re quite mistaken. Your camera would be very very happy if you provided the following:

Cleaning Kits

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Cleaning kits comprise of a brush (or several brushes), cleaning cloths, a blower and perhaps a cotton bud (or two). These cleaning kits are sold at most photography shops and are very affordable. Its fairly easy to use these cleaning implements however, do be careful when using the blower because even though it gets dirt out, it can also blow dirt in.

Zip-Lock Bags

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Zip lock bags? WHY?! Well, zip-lock bags are quite secure and these really come in handy when you will be taking your camera to places such as the beach, where there is moisture and very fine foreign elements such as sand and other debris.

Protective Lens Filters

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

How would lens filters help protect my camera? Well, not your camera but your lenses. Lens filters will act as your main lenses primary defence against foreign objects that fly in the wind, condensation, drops and cracks. There are several kinds of lens filters (polarising, sepia, neutral density, etc) available in the market. If you are looking for a generic lens filter – get the UV filter.

That’s all you need to keep your camera in good condition. If you want to do more and say, perhaps, clean your lenses, here’s a video clip to show you how it’s done.

5 Practical Skills Everyone Should Know

Many people invest a lot of time and energy into learning “marketable” skills – meaning skills that will make them more desirable in the work force thus giving them an edge among other job-hunters, and perhaps increase their chances of getting better compensation whether it’s in basic wages or a combination of wages and non-monetary perks. However, even though being knowledgeable in installing or creating computer programs, and being adept at sales and marketing help you earn more, there are a whole lot of skills that are essential in everyday life, that you most likely, are not that familiar with. There are a host of situations where your “marketable” skills will mean absolutely squat. Below are 5 practical “life-skills” that everyone, regardless of age, race and gender, should know.

[Read more…]

Big Boys’ Toys – When Real Men Play

They don’t make men like they used to. Nowadays, most young men spend their extra time in front of the computer playing endless online games or just surfing the internet. If they’re not cooped up indoors, most are out with their friends getting sloshed or burning tire marks on streets. It seems that today’s young men are no longer interested in pursuing  the hobbies or interests that made our forefathers the men that they are now. Here are five hobbies that used to be the favorite pastime men, both young and old.

[Read more…]

Counting X’s

Embroidery Thread

Sorry, but this post is not about porn-sites (XXX) or about counting the number of significant others you’ve had over your entire life. As exciting as the title is, this post is as wholesome as can be – it’s all about a very relaxing and fulfilling hobby that’s been around for many years – this post is all about counted cross-stitch.

[Read more…]

5 Indie Comic Gems Better Than Your Current Pull-List

There’s no doubt that the big 2 comic book giants are still the forerunners in the comic book industry. Go ahead and ask any comic geek you know for their pull list and chances are they have something on there from either Marvel or DC. However due to recent changes in tech trends, a new breed of comics is slowly gaining popularity across the mainstream board through easier distribution channels and crowdfunding options. I’m talking of course about the Indie comic scene, and boy are there some really awesome titles circulating out there. Here are a few of my picks that you might consider adding to your pull list: [Read more…]