Gearbox Software and 3D Realms “Duke” It Out Again


Image While it’s undeniable that Gearbox Software and 3D Realms have always cultivated something of a love/hate relationship in the past, they recently appear to have returned to a cycle of exchanging lawsuits. This time, Gearbox Software alleges that 3D Realms has worked with several other developers to illegally create a game based on the […]

5 Top Instagram Photographers Worth Following


Instagram may be well known as a popular photo sharing site but it goes beyond that. In fact, apart from people who simply want to post their images on the site regardless of their quality, there are those who use the platform for a worthy purpose. They post the most beautiful and professionally taken photos […]

Caring for your Camera

Image Source:  Wikimedia Commons

Even though digital cameras have made photography more accessible to everyone, photography is still quite an expensive hobby or profession. Yes, producing images hardly cost a thing, but the equipment needed to capture those images are more intelligent than older cameras thus – they cost more than older versions. Some high level point and shoot […]

5 Practical Skills Everyone Should Know

Image source: Flickr

Many people invest a lot of time and energy into learning “marketable” skills – meaning skills that will make them more desirable in the work force thus giving them an edge among other job-hunters, and perhaps increase their chances of getting better compensation whether it’s in basic wages or a combination of wages and non-monetary perks. […]

Big Boys’ Toys – When Real Men Play

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

They don’t make men like they used to. Nowadays, most young men spend their extra time in front of the computer playing endless online games or just surfing the internet. If they’re not cooped up indoors, most are out with their friends getting sloshed or burning tire marks on streets. It seems that today’s young […]

Counting Xs

christmas pillow

Sorry, but this post is not about porn-sites (XXX) or about counting the number of significant others you’ve had over your entire life. As exciting as the title is, this post is as wholesome as can be – it’s all about a very relaxing and fulfilling hobby that’s been around for many years – this […]