Top 10 Sources for Spam Email

Did you know that China and South Korea are Spammers Extraordinaire? According to this fresh infographic, the two countries are responsible for over fifty percent of the world’s email spam. Something to consider the next time you’re deleting another amazing offer for Viagra from your inbox. Moreover, if you’re located in Europe, you can thank […]

4 Annoying Friend Behaviors That Make Us Want To Disconnect

annoying friend behaviors to send you running from social media

Social networking sites — emphasis on Facebook — have changed the way we communicate with our friends and family, and not for the better. Instead of engaging in real conversations with real people and enjoying real moments as they happen, we often get locked in comment wars with people we’ve never actually met and end […]

Unique Kickstarter Tech Products for the Geeks

Image via digitaltrends

Tech gadgets come and go. They come in different shapes and sizes with varying functions. But one thing’s for sure, developers from all over the world will continue to create them moving forward in an effort to meet people’s needs. The reality is that not all developers of tech gadgets and software applications have the […]

Ten Thrifty Traveler Tips (traveling on a shoe-string budget)

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Even though the world has not shrunk in size, advancements made in communication and transportation has somehow, made it smaller. People are bombarded with news items, travel documentaries, pictures, videos of amazing and exotic places – raising curiosity and feeding on man’s innate travel bug. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to walk on the Great Wall […]

Advanced Car Features for the Tech Savvy Drivers

Image: autotrader

Cars of today continue to be upgraded with the most modern and advanced features. This is geared towards providing consumers with utmost convenience and ensuring their safety while on the road. Automakers are also utilizing the latest technology to make sure their vehicles stand out from the rest. Car owners in the know and who […]