Be a Gentleman: Basic Golf Etiquette


Before playing any game, we usually learn the rules beforehand. The other unspoken rules, however, are best learned while playing. Golf can be daunting for beginners since the behavior expected of them is fairly different from players of other sports. Here are some basic rules of etiquette that can help even the most unseasoned golfer […]

5 Female Fighters Who Changed The Game

Female Fighters Can Bring It

If you grew up during the ‘80s and ‘90s, then you’re probably aware female fighters were pretty much confined to the choreographed world of professional wrestling and the occasional mud wrestling scene in an R-rated movie. (And they usually ended up topless.) Those days were a far cry from where we are now. That’s why […]

Come Fly with Me (countries with the most number of visa-free arrangements)

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Everyone wants to, at least at one point in their lives, be able to travel. To step outside the confines of what is familiar, and be surrounded by all things new and exciting. Travelling used to be something only the rich and famous can afford to do, however, with proper planning and some know-how, anyone […]

40 – 0 (10 of the longest tennis matches in history)

Image source: NY Times

Tennis is probably one of the most popular sporting events today. Every year, thousands of people tune in to watch the four major Grand Slam Tournaments (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and The US Open) as well as other minor cups and competitions. Today’s powerful athletes have changed the way tennis is played. What used […]

Making Pickup Trucks a Greener Option

Pickup trucks may pale in comparison to small cars, especially hybrid cars, when it comes to fuel efficiency, but because of its power and large capacity they still continue to be among the best selling vehicles in the United States. In fact, a pickup truck, the Ford F-150, topped the list of 10 best-selling cars […]