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Be a Gentleman: Basic Golf Etiquette


Before playing any game, we usually learn the rules beforehand. The other unspoken rules, however, are best learned while playing. Golf can be daunting for beginners since the behavior expected of them is fairly different from players of other sports. Here are some basic rules of etiquette that can help even the most unseasoned golfer behave in a manner befitting a professional. Also, other players will be very grateful for it. [Read more…]

5 Female Fighters Who Changed The Game

Female Fighters Can Bring It

If you grew up during the ‘80s and ‘90s, then you’re probably aware female fighters were pretty much confined to the choreographed world of professional wrestling and the occasional mud wrestling scene in an R-rated movie. (And they usually ended up topless.) Those days were a far cry from where we are now. That’s why we’d like to turn our attention to the five women who changed the game into something respectable.  

female fighters christy martin

No. 5: Christy Martin

Christy Martin is a professional boxer, who was fighting long before UFC was a gleam in Dana White’s eye. After starting her career with a draw against Angela Buchanan, she kept her nose to the grindstone and won 36 of her next 38 fights with one loss (which she avenged) and one draw thrown in for good measure. Her most devastating loss was against another entry on our list (Laila Ali) in a fourth round knockout. However, she was fighting Ali above her prime weight of 147. It was the only KO she ever suffered. She retired in 2012 after a unanimous decision loss to Mia St. John. 

female fighters laila ali

No. 4: Laila Ali

Some might consider The Greatest’s daughter to be The Greatest female fighter to ever take the stage. She’s certainly got the record to make a case (24-0, 21KOs). While we don’t think there’s much to those ‘ducking the top contenders’ rumors — sour grapes if you ask us — she has never answered the call against contender Ann Wolfe, though she may have some legitimate reasons.  

female fighters gina carano

No. 3: Gina Carano

Steroid monster Cris Cyborg may have ended Gina Carano’s career, but not before Carano put a new face to the skills that would eventually take women’s MMA mainstream. Prior to Carano, female fighters got a bad rap because they didn’t have the model looks and, quite frankly, few of them were decent fighters. But Carano came along and showed that you could exude femininity while also being strong enough and capable enough to handle yourself in a cage. NOTE: Cyborg tested positive for PEDs after this victory, confirming what the entire world already knew — she’s a cheater. 

female fighters lucia rijker

No. 2: Lucia Rijker

Rijker is easily the most dominant female to ever lace up the boxing gloves, especially when you compare her output to that of her direct competition. Rijker had two fighting careers. Her first began in 1982 as a kickboxer. She had 37 wins, 0 losses, and 25 KOs. Then, she moved to boxing, where she would also retire unbeaten. As a traditional pugilist, she logged 17 wins, 14 by way of knockout. She fought her last match in 2004, winning a unanimous decision against Deborah Fettkether. She also lent her talents as an actor and consultant on the Oscar-winning film Million Dollar Baby, and helped train Ronda Rousey for the Miesha Tate rematch.

female fighters rousey

No. 1: Ronda Rousey

How could you not put Rousey at the top of this list? She talks a mean game, but she also backs it up. (Ask poor Miesha Tate.) She’s also taken the sport of women’s MMA into the mainstream, and has main-evented UFC’s PPVs more than once in her short career. It never happened before Rousey, and it could be a long time before anyone knocks her off the top. 

Which of these female fighters do you think deserves the most credit? Share your comments below.

10 Things Every Man Should Have

A previous article on o5 itemised the 10 things every woman should have, and it seems only fair that a similar article focusing on the 10 items that every self-respecting man should have be prepared too. So here’s the list … here are 10 items, listed in no particular order, that every man should have.

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7 Great Beach Wedding Locations

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

What could be more romantic than a beach wedding? Let’s have a look at your checklist: Beautiful blue waters (check), sparkling white sand (check) and a romantic sunset to end a wonderful day (check). What else could you ask for? If you’ve recently just gotten engaged and are still undecided about your wedding venue, consider these top beach wedding locations. One of these would have to be close to where you live.


Image of Gili Meno Beach in Indonesia from Wikipedia

Bali is one of the more popular wedding destinations, due to its breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and Java Sea. Under Indonesian Law, beaches in Bali are in the public domain – and privacy cannot be guaranteed on popular beaches in Kuta, Legian,and Seminyak. If you are concerned about your privacy, you may want to select a secluded beach in less popular sites such as Bias Tugal and Amed.

Be careful though, resorts may advertise beach weddings but in actuality, the ceremony takes place within the resort with nary even a view of the beach. Check the venue beforehand before signing on the dotted line.


Image of Anse Source d’Argent in La Digue Seychelles from Wikipedia

There are 115 tropical islands in the Seychelles so you will be spoilt for choice. The three main islands of Praslin, La Digue and Mahé are all very popular and exquisite wedding venues. If you want to get married in one of their not-so-popular beaches, consider Denis Island just north of Victoria. It’s a private island with 25 individual cottages that can be rented out for events such as this. Another option would be Sainte Anne, another luxury private island, which is just a 10 minute boat ride from Mahé.


Image of Koh Samui Lipa Noi in Thailand from Wikipedia

Thailand is another popular wedding destination. Koh Samui has a wide selection of beaches and is quite popular. Places such as Chaweng and Lamai are popular too but can be overcrowded with backpackers and other travellers. If you want to have a private wedding, try Bo Phut or Mae Nam – both beaches offer unparalleled views and a higher level of privacy. Sunset at Mae Nam is supposed to be amazing so make sure you have some wedding photos during that time of the day.


Image of Turtle Bay Beach from Wikipedia

Image of Turtle Bay Beach from Wikipedia

Hawaii has been, and will always be, a popular wedding destination – so you can’t go wrong if you want to exchange your vows here. Turtle Bay, on the island of Oahu, ranks high in the list of honeymoon hotel with over 35o wedding held at their venue every year. Apart from the wedding ceremony, the hotel offers other romantic experiences such as beach picnics, horse riding and couple massages.


Image of a beach at Kefalonia, Greece from Wikimedia Commons

Getting married in Greece may prove to be a headache simply because there are a lot of romantic wedding locations for you to choose from. Crete boasts of 1,000 kilometers worth of exquisite coastline. The historic coastal towns of Rethymno and Chania have secluded coves and luxury resorts. Kefalonia, an island made famous by the novel “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” has amazing vistas as well. There’s just so many places to choose from!

New Zealand

Image of Cathedral Cove at the Coromandel Peninsula from Wikimedia Commons

The Coromandel Peninsula on the western side of New Zealand’s North Island is dotted with picturesque beaches. Front Beach has spectacular views of the Coromandel coastline, Cooks Beach is also a great option. Cathedral Cove would be an amazing wedding destination, if you don’t mind a short walk from the car park to the beach. It’s well worth it.


Image of Whitehaven Beach in Australia from Wikipedia

The Whitsundays is a little-known but great exotic beach wedding location. Whitsundays is home to Hamilton Island and Whitehaven Beach which is just an 8-minute flight from Hamilton Island. With 7km of white sandy beaches (made up of 99% silicon so it never gets hot), you and your guests can stand bare-foot on the beach while you and your loved-one exchange wedding vows.

Of course there are other exotic and romantic beach wedding destinations around – it would be impossible to list them all down. The list above is just a mere teaser. If you don’t fancy any of the ones mentioned – why not look closer to home? Surely there’s a nice secluded beach a few hours drive from where you live – it may not be as visually awe-inspiring as the places that’s been listed, but since it’s in your hometown, it would probably be more special than these locations.

Come Fly with Me (countries with the most number of visa-free arrangements)

Image source: Wikipedia

Everyone wants to, at least at one point in their lives, be able to travel. To step outside the confines of what is familiar, and be surrounded by all things new and exciting. Travelling used to be something only the rich and famous can afford to do, however, with proper planning and some know-how, anyone can now easily travel.

Budget airlines offer affordable flights, travel agencies give early bird specials, bed and breakfast facilities, and backpackers or hostels are now gaining ground and have become suitable alternatives to traditional hotels. So many changes have happened in the last decade which have made travelling easier even for the budget conscious traveler. However, before you buy your ticket and pack your bags, make sure that you are able to enter the country you want to visit.

One of the minor inconveniences of traveling is getting permission to cross the border. Unfortunately, not everyone can traipse in and out of countries like most people go in and out of their front door. In some cases, countries require their visitors, depending on the kind of passports they carry, to have visitor or entry visas before they can set foot on their soil.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

According to the 2013 Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index, travellers holding passports issued from  Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom can enter 173 countries without needing a visa, while travellers holding passports issued from Pakistan and Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan can only enter 32, 31 and 28 countries without a visa, respectively.

The list of countries with the most and least visa free arrangements with other countries can be viewed below.

173 countries – Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom

172 countries – Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, USA

171 countries – Belgium, Italy, Netherlands

170 countries - Canada, France, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Spain

168 countries – New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland

32 countries – Pakistan, Somalia

31 countries – Iraq

28 countries – Afghanistan

If the country you want to visit does not have a visa-free arrangement with your homeland, you have no other choice but to apply for an entry or visitor visa. An alternative would be to consider visiting the countries you can enter without a visa. That will spare you the stress and might even save you a bit of money which you can use for more important travel expenses (shopping).

Packing Tips for Overseas Trips (What and How to Pack)

Image Source: Flickr

You’ve bought your plane tickets, booked accommodation and organized all the internal land-transfers of your grand holiday. All that’s left for you to do is to pack your bags and you’ll be ready to go! However, packing for a trip is a challenge in itself. You never know exactly what you have to bring and you also have to take into account the maximum baggage weight limit in your planning. Here are 5 packing tips that could, perhaps, make selecting your holiday wardrobe (and fitting it all in your suitcase) a little bit easier.

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40 – 0 (10 of the longest tennis matches in history)

Tennis is probably one of the most popular sporting events today. Every year, thousands of people tune in to watch the four major Grand Slam Tournaments (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and The US Open) as well as other minor cups and competitions.

Today’s powerful athletes have changed the way tennis is played. What used to be a fairly laid-back exchange between two (if it’s singles) or four (if it’s doubles) players has now become a game full of aces and smashes. However, even if the ball in modern-day tennis travels faster than it did before, it does not have any bearing on the length of a match. This article outlines the 10 longest tennis matches in history, based on the number of hours or games played.

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Making Pickup Trucks a Greener Option

Pickup trucks may pale in comparison to small cars, especially hybrid cars, when it comes to fuel efficiency, but because of its power and large capacity they still continue to be among the best selling vehicles in the United States. In fact, a pickup truck, the Ford F-150, topped the list of 10 best-selling cars (and trucks) just last June.

 Ford F-150 XLT Photo via Chris Short

Before you get dismayed over the carbon footprint of pickup trucks, let’s put things in perspective and compare the carbon footprint of different light vehicles. As per 2007 figures published by the Vehicle Technologies Office of the US Department of Energy, pickup trucks have carbon footprints that are really close to that of vans and SUVs. So if you’re thinking of passing up pickup trucks in favor of other vehicle types, you’d better think twice because, unless you’re getting a car, the other benefits of using a pickup truck might end up negating the very small difference between published carbon footprints. Of course, finding the greener option will still depend on the particular model more than the vehicle type.

In case you do have a need for a pickup truck, be it for hauling around stuff for your business or the frequent need to go off-road, there are some things you can do to minimize your truck’s carbon footprint.

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Muay Thai Gaining Ground in Australia


Muay Thai or the popular martial arts of Thailandhas conquered many parts of the globe. Its influence has spread to an international level in recent years attracting a growing number of sports enthusiasts including women wanting to lose weight and tone their muscles.

One part of Asia Pacific where this Thai martial arts has thrived is Australia. Proof of this is the presence of a WBC Muay Thai governing body in the country that serves to regulate and supervise professional Muay Thai events. The Australian body is under the WBC Muaythai Asia Pacific Federation.

Among the most important objectives of the Australian council are to manage national competitions, promote athlete participation up to the grassroots level, promote public interest, improve Muay Thai rules and regulation for the benefit of athletes and the community as well as to encourage and develop athletes and sports administrators. [Read more…]