4 Natural Ingredients Effective in Removing Pet Stains


Rugs play an important role in the home. They help keep the house clean by collecting dirt at areas with high foot traffic. In addition, they also serve an aesthetic purpose particularly those that blend well to the overall design theme of the room. But like any functional part of a home, these rugs need […]

How To Balance Fatherhood and a Career and Succeed in Both

Balance Fatherhood and a Career

Father’s day or not, dads around the world should be given credit for having an active role in raising their kids. But when talk about family-work balance arises, it’s always mothers who get the focus, thanks to cultural orientation and traditional values. Evolving times have changed all that. Dual income households have become the norm, […]

How Men Cope after Divorce

How Men Cope after Divorce

Divorce affects spouses in different ways. Women, who are more emotional in nature, often suffer the most during and after the divorce process. They end up alone with the kids, have little money and may experience depression for a long time. They feel devastated most of the time as they face the truth that their […]

Maintenance Tips for Your Flagstone Patio


Having a patio in the home adds value to the property and promotes outdoor living. The area is a great spot for families and friends to enjoy barbecues and fun conversation notably during summertime. But along with this comes great responsibility particularly in the maintenance aspect. Any patio requires tender loving care moving forward to […]

5 Ways to Stay Organized at Home

Keeping organized at home can help your life stay focused and balance your production levels at both work and home. Finding yourself a good routine will help to lower stress and anxiety levels. There are many ways you can keep the key areas in your life organized. Here are a few helpful tips. Keep a […]

4 Things to Do to Ensure the Safety of Kids While on the Road


Kids in cars. That’s one of the biggest frustrations of parents, especially if the trip is a rather long one. Every day, though, parents and caregivers take children in cars – to and from school, to after-school activities, and so on. Even on the weekend, there are family activities that may require parents to take […]

The Parenting Journey: From Day 1 to Forever

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Even before I became a parent, I have heard a lot of parents talking about parenthood as some sort of journey. I didn’t quite understand it yet until I became one. My own experience has told me that the parenting journey starts from Day 1 to forever. Nothing can really prepare you for parenting. You […]