5 Ways to Stay Organized at Home

Keeping organized at home can help your life stay focused and balance your production levels at both work and home. Finding yourself a good routine will help to lower stress and anxiety levels. There are many ways you can keep the key areas in your life organized. Here are a few helpful tips. Keep a […]

Caring for your Camera

Image Source:  Wikimedia Commons

Even though digital cameras have made photography more accessible to everyone, photography is still quite an expensive hobby or profession. Yes, producing images hardly cost a thing, but the equipment needed to capture those images are more intelligent than older cameras thus – they cost more than older versions. Some high level point and shoot […]

Home Improvement Tip: Giving Your Garage Some Loving

broken garage door

Garages are one of the last things that come to mind when people think of areas in the home to improve or renovate. This oft-neglected space, however, also needs some loving. Photo Credit: Tony Buser If you’re wondering what you can do with such a boring space, here are some simple garage improvement projects that […]

5 Practical Skills Everyone Should Know

Image source: Flickr

Many people invest a lot of time and energy into learning “marketable” skills – meaning skills that will make them more desirable in the work force thus giving them an edge among other job-hunters, and perhaps increase their chances of getting better compensation whether it’s in basic wages or a combination of wages and non-monetary perks. […]

5 Signs of Foundation Trouble

Sometimes the changes we see in our home aren’t problems in their own right, but symptoms of other, hidden issues. It’s inevitable that any home will experience changes due to wear and tear and just simple aging, and maintenance comes with the territory of home ownership. But some problems can pose much more serious concerns […]