How To Balance Fatherhood and a Career and Succeed in Both

Balance Fatherhood and a Career

Father’s day or not, dads around the world should be given credit for having an active role in raising their kids. But when talk about family-work balance arises, it’s always mothers who get the focus, thanks to cultural orientation and traditional values. Evolving times have changed all that. Dual income households have become the norm, […]

4 Things to Do to Ensure the Safety of Kids While on the Road


Kids in cars. That’s one of the biggest frustrations of parents, especially if the trip is a rather long one. Every day, though, parents and caregivers take children in cars – to and from school, to after-school activities, and so on. Even on the weekend, there are family activities that may require parents to take […]

Studying Asian Languages: Learning Thai, Mandarin and Nihongo

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Learning a foreign language is not the easiest thing to do, especially if you plan on learning one that is linguistically very different from your native tongue. That said, learning a second or foreign language has always been viewed as something desirable. After all, there are many advantages to knowing more than one language including […]

Study in Europe: How to Get Around the Continent

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  If you’re going to study in Europe you may already be planning a list of excursions to some of the continent’s historic and exciting sites. Because your main mission is to study, you might not have time for long vacations and will need to make the most of day and weekend trips. Finding the […]

China: Asia’s Next Higher Education Hub?

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China’s elite is known to send their children to prestigious Western universities as part of their preparation to compete in a more global business environment. However, recent reports show that China itself is increasing in stature as a destination for international students.   Campaigning  for More International Students China is currently ramping up their campaign […]

Must-haves for your First Time Studying Abroad

First-time study abroad students often make the mistake of packing too much or too little. Some students want to bring every comfort of home along and others get caught up by the romantic notion of heading out to explore the world with nothing more than a toothbrush and a passport. Savvy travelers know that the […]

Key Considerations When Applying for Student Loans

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Not every college student is capable of financing his tertiary education. Each year, thousands of parents and college students themselves apply for a student loan. In fact, many complete their college and enter the working force still with remaining loan debt. Data from the American Student Assistance (ASA) showed that of the nearly 20 million […]