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Counting X’s

Embroidery Thread

Sorry, but this post is not about porn-sites (XXX) or about counting the number of significant others you’ve had over your entire life. As exciting as the title is, this post is as wholesome as can be – it’s all about a very relaxing and fulfilling hobby that’s been around for many years – this post is all about counted cross-stitch.

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9 Awesome Pet Alternatives to Cats and Dogs

So you’ve decided on getting a pet, but are allergic to cats or dogs. Or maybe your neighbourhood has some sort of policy against dogs or cats. Or maybe you just want a different pet because you think cats and dogs are to ‘mainstream’. Well you’re in luck – here we’ve got a list of some of the more awesome alternative pets you can sink your teeth into (don’t). [Read more…]

Best dogs for young children


A dog is a big commitment, and once you know you’re ready, you need to pick a breed with the right temperament for a family with young kids. Here are some of their recommendations from dog breeders. [Read more…]

3 funny things that cats do—and why


Cats are curious, independent creatures, and one of the first thing a cat lover’s got to accept is that it will do things us mere humans can never hope to understand! Like why, of all the chairs in the house, they will want to sit on our favorite one. Or, given that the chair is free, they would rather lie down on our computer keyboard. But here are a few simple explanations for the most common cat behaviors. [Read more…]

Tips for picking a kid-friendly cat

Not all cats are friendly around kids. Some breeds don’t take well to noise or rough-housing, others are ‘snobs’ that will refuse to be petted. So, just like choosing the right dog for your family, put some thought into what kind of cat will fit well into a household with young kids. [Read more…]

Will your fish get along? Tips for mixing breeds in an aquarium

A large aquarium can be home to quite a number of breeds. But while you’re shopping at a pet store, you need to consider whether a fish breed is compatible with the ones you already own, or even the size of your aquarium. [Read more…]

How to prevent pet obesity

Hold on to those doggy treats: over 50% of pets in the United States are obese. And just like humans, pet obesity can cause serious health problems and shorten life spans. Here are some tips on how to keep your pet within a healthy weight range. [Read more…]

Doggy park do’s and dont’s

Dog parks are your pet’s idea of disneyland: plenty of space to play, romp, and even make another furry friend. But you can’t simply give your pet free rein—or, in this case, free leash. Here are some doggy park do’s and don’t’s that every responsible pet owner should follow. [Read more…]

What does a Labralier look like?

A labralier is a dog, which is a cross between a labrador and a cavalier king charles spaniel. She has medium to long hair with long ears like a cavalier. She is frisky in nature and has the qualities of both breeds. She is very kind but very strong-minded and doesn’t like to be told off. She does tend to run off or ignore you when you call her. She gets on very well with adults and children and other dogs.

Photo of our dog Nala.

Information care of Georgia and Daisy Macaskie