Promoting Your Business? Go Couponing!


Businesses need to be constantly find ways to promote their offerings and attract more customers onward. Regardless of their types and size, they have to come up with an aggressive marketing plan to successfully achieve their sales goals and one of the best ways to do that is by couponing. Coupons are popular sales tools […]

Watch These 5 Horror Movies On Valentines Day

Horror Movies On Valentines Day, Perfect Couple Pastime

Valentine’s Day is a day loved and respected by some (happy couples) and hated by others (bitter singles and couples on the verge of breaking up). While the three groups can seldom agree on how to take it — and some have even gone to calling it ‘Single Awareness Day,’ what everyone should agree on, […]

4 Financial Decisions You Can’t Afford To Put Off In 2014

Financial Decisions Not To Put Off In 2014

We’re now just two weeks in to the New Year. By now, most resolutions have crashed and burned into a fiery mess of disappointment and inaction. However, there’s still time to turn things around. One resolution, in particular, that needs your attention: finances. Here’s what you can’t afford to put off in the weeks ahead: […]

5 Top Instagram Photographers Worth Following


Instagram may be well known as a popular photo sharing site but it goes beyond that. In fact, apart from people who simply want to post their images on the site regardless of their quality, there are those who use the platform for a worthy purpose. They post the most beautiful and professionally taken photos […]