We Can’t All Be Melissa McCarthy, So Let’s Stop Fooling Ourselves


In celebrity news, all reports say Melissa McCarthy looked stunning in her latest three appearances. She was seen on May 19 when she got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, then a week later in Berlin and London for the premiers of the action comedy movie Spy, which she co-stars alongside Jude Law, […]

3 Common Unhealthy Habits of Millennials

Unhealthy habits of millenials

Smoking and booze are notorious for topping the list of harmful behavior across all generations. But today, Generation Y have their own unique challenges to having a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Many of the unhealthy habits of millennials are borne out of the advancements in technology that provide limitless possibilities. Technology misused has its negative […]

Ways to Stimulate Your Brain

Whilst most of us like to keep our bodies in healthy shape, one area thats easy to forget is the brain. Improving your brain function can aid better memory and attention span. So what can you do to assist with better brain health? Read on to find out. Eat the right foods Eating a nutritious […]

Recycling Designer Fashion Online

Designer Fashion

One of the advantages of finding designer clothing and accessories online is that you can find items that cost a lot less than you would at a boutique or department store. In fact, many online outlets feature consignment shops with recycled designer clothing and accessories. In some cases, you can swap items with others. You […]

Five Reasons Anxiety Can Keep People From Working

General Anxiety Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or GAD, is a severe mental condition that may render an individual unable to perform his or her normal job duties. Bouts of nervousness and anxious bodily reactions characterize the condition. A person who is suffering from GAD will have problems that are so detrimental to his or her health that working […]

5 Office Lifehacks To Prevent Sitting From Killing You

sitting kills

So you finally graduated from waiting tables to a sexy office job and thought ‘This is great! I get to sit and do my work all day!’ Well, you shouldn’t feel that way. Because sitting is death. That’s not some kind of 10-minute workout buddy infomercial pitch, either. Real scientists and health guys say it […]