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Ways to Stimulate Your Brain

Whilst most of us like to keep our bodies in healthy shape, one area thats easy to forget is the brain. Improving your brain function can aid better memory and attention span. So what can you do to assist with better brain health? Read on to find out.

Eat the right foods

Eating a nutritious and balanced diet is vital for your overall health and mental health. Foods that are great for boosting your brain function include broccoli, berries, pumpkin seeds and sage to boost both long and short term memory and improve cognitive functions. Eating wholegrains, such as wholegrain pasta, bread and brown rice can help with focus and concentration as wholegrains slowly release energy into the bloodstream throughout the day. Another good food to eat is oily fish, which is rich in fatty acids and essential omega 3 fats. These help sustain a healthy brain, joints and heart.


Certain supplements are great for boosting brain power. B12 and B6 are known to preserve brain function. Folic acid is also recommended for brain development and is taken by women during pregnancy. Whilst vitamins are found in certain foods, vitamin supplements can be taken with a glass of water if youre not getting the required amount from your diet.

Get enough sleep

Getting a good nights sleep is essential for improving brain power. A lack of sleep causes lower concentration, poorer memory and poorer overall mental health.  Its best to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night if possible but if youre struggling to switch off theres a few things that might help. Turning off your TV, computer and phone, not consuming caffeine or a large meal for at least an hour before bed will help your brain to switch off before sleep. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time each day will also create a regular schedule and help your body know when it needs to switch off.


Regular exercise maintains a healthy body and mind. If youre struggling to find time to exercise, how about switching a few things up in your routine to accommodate it. Even taking a walk or going for a jog can improve your cognitive function. Mind exercises can also keep your brain functioning well. Things, such as reading new books, learning a new hobby and co-ordination exercises are all ideal for helping to boost brain power. Participating in an exercise thats fun and challenging will make it more engaging for your brain. Certain activities, such as crosswords and Sudoku can enhance your memory and general brain function.

Creating a happy life

Being in a happy relationship, having less stress and cutting back on alcohol are all ways which can sustain healthy brain activity. Taking part in meditation and deep breathing may also help those who are prone to stress and anxiety. Changing small aspects of your life to include any of the above solutions can really make an improvement to your brain function as well as your overall lifestyle.

Recycling Designer Fashion Online

One of the advantages of finding designer clothing and accessories online is that you can find items that cost a lot less than you would at a boutique or department store. In fact, many online outlets feature consignment shops with recycled designer clothing and accessories. In some cases, you can swap items with others. You can have fun on these sites creating your fashion diaries or filling a virtual closet as well as buy your favorite pieces to get the designer gear you have always wanted.

Designer Fashion


Popular Designers

One way you can search through online consignment shops is through your favorite designers. Sometimes their creations are organized through collections or closets that feature everything from tops and bottoms to hats, sunglasses and jewelry. Typically, these designers come from all over the world including fashion capitals such as Paris, New York, London, Venice and Los Angeles, so you can look for designers you already know or even discover new ones.


You do not have to restrict your search to only designers when you want to see the latest in designer fashion online. There are also plenty of tastemakers all over the world with insider knowledge of the best in fashion and they make their way to these online consignment shops. For instance, the site Walk in My Closet includes a number of designers as well as fashion editors and stylists who enjoy creating their own collections from their favorite designers and sharing them with visitors to the site. You can see how the experts put together their looks with accessible fashion.

Personal Closets

Many of these sites also allow you to create wishlists or, in the case of Walk in My Closet, your own personal closet of designer fashion online. As you peruse through designer collections, you can pick and choose items to add to your closet as well as check out other users’ closets to get a sense of their style. You do not have to be a jewelry designer, creator or other type of insider in order to create an impression with your closet.

Selling Items

In addition to buying and exchanging items, consignment shops online also allow you to sell your used fashions. Of course, each site has its own rules, but you generally want to make sure your items are in gently used condition. Some shops allow you to send in your old clothes to let them handle the exchange, but you may also take photos of your items and upload them to the site if you want to handle tasks such as processing, shipping and handling yourself.

Fashionistas have a home with designer fashion online whether you simply want to browse or create your dream closet. However, these online shops also allow you to recycle your fashions, so you can update your look for a fraction of the costs. Each shop has its own guidelines for buying, exchanging and selling, so you want to make sure you know the rules when you plan on recycling your own designer fashions.

Anne Carter lives and shops mainly in New York. She also tries to keep abreast with all of the most recent fashion news.

Five Reasons Anxiety Can Keep People From Working

Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or GAD, is a severe mental condition that may render an individual unable to perform his or her normal job duties. Bouts of nervousness and anxious bodily reactions characterize the condition. A person who is suffering from GAD will have problems that are so detrimental to his or her health that working can become impossible.

General Anxiety Disorder


When GAD prevents a person from performing his or her job duties, a disability attorney may be able to help that person to collect Social Security Disability. The following are five reasons that generalized anxiety disorder can keep people from working:

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10 Things Every Man Should Have

A previous article on o5 itemised the 10 things every woman should have, and it seems only fair that a similar article focusing on the 10 items that every self-respecting man should have be prepared too. So here’s the list … here are 10 items, listed in no particular order, that every man should have.

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How To Maintain A Strong Immune System

If you take a moment to think about your immune system, you’ll quickly come to the realization that it is truly extraordinary. There are millions of different types of bacteria and viruses, but your immune system manages to keep you safe from nearly all of them. Sure, you may pick up the occasional bug, but when you compare this to all the diseases that are out there, this is a drop in the ocean.


However, your immune system needs you to give a helping hand if it is to stay in top shape. There are lots of different ways you can do this, but the first place to start is with eating a good diet. A good diet means a balanced diet – you need to have foods from all the five food groups if you are going to get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you need. For example dairy products have lots of vitamin A and B12, both of which can help to boost your immune system. On the other hand, foods that are high in fats and sugar will suppress your immune system – you need some of these for energy, but if you have too much it can actually stop your white blood cells from attacking bacteria. [Read more…]

Training for your 1st Marathon

Image Source: Flickr

Running a marathon (or half marathon for that matter) is no easy feat. Can you imagine having to run for 42 kilometers (26.2 miles) or 21 kilometres (half marathon) in one go? Wow, right? Well, if you’re used to running then you know it is do-able, but if you’re fairly new to the running scene, it would be best if you gave yourself time to train and prepare for the big event.

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5 Office Lifehacks To Prevent Sitting From Killing You

sitting kills

So you finally graduated from waiting tables to a sexy office job and thought ‘This is great! I get to sit and do my work all day!’ Well, you shouldn’t feel that way. Because sitting is death.

That’s not some kind of 10-minute workout buddy infomercial pitch, either. Real scientists and health guys say it all the time. Sitting kills. Unfortunately for you, whether you just started in the cubicle farm or you’ve been there for 20 years, your job is one of the prime killers in this country.

But just because you’re chained to your desk all day doesn’t mean you can’t do a few things to take care of yourself and keep a bulwark against the looming specter of seat-death. Here are five ways you can counteract that bad posture, those sore muscles, and those strained eyes without leaving your little 6′ by 6′.

No. 1 – Stretching For Slouchers

No one is going to tell you ‘stop slouching!’ here, because that’s condescending and, frankly, not helpful. If you normally hang over your computer like a vulture, it’s likely that your back starts aching after a little while. You probably stand for a second or try to crack your back to relieve the pain, but it’s not long before the ache comes creeping back is it?

Nice guy Steve McMinn put together a couple of exercises and stretches that actually work to prevent stress-related muscle injury, improve posture, and glad-hand oodles of extra energy you can put to use at work and at home. For most of these simple stretches, you don’t even need to get up.

No. 2 – Lose The Chair (And The Desk)

Most offices aren’t as droll and uniform as the one in 1999’s Office Space. Bosses and office managers understand the importance of a healthy, comfortable workforce and will allow plenty of work-arounds to the standard chair/desk system so long as it doesn’t distract your co-workers (and as long as they don’t have to pay for it).

Consider dumping your crappy chair and picking up a stability ball. Sitting on it is plenty comfy, but it’ll require you to maintain good posture, and will even assist with balance and stability (and you won’t even feel it).

Another thing you can do is stand. A standing desk spares you from pain and also requires good posture. You might be skeptical, but everyone who has ever tried it swears by it. If you’re still not sure, just try it one or two days out of the week and see if you warm up to it.

Of course, there’s the cost aspect to this piece of advice. Luckily, you can get a perfectly acceptable stability ball for $30, way cheaper than a supposedly ‘ergonomic’ $500 chair. With just $20, you can build an adjustable standing desk to go on top of your work desk in just half an hour.

No. 3 – Don’t Let Anyone Catch You Doing This, But …

There are tons of office lifehack articles on the Internet that list dozens of exercises you can do in your little cubicle, and many of them while you sit and work. But if turning your little cell into a plyometric gym doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, we have amazing news. You don’t need to do all those exercises to offset the negative health effects of sitting.

You only need one.

Max Shank has this ridiculously simple move he calls the ‘Thoracic Bridge.’ Sounds scary and maybe a little too yoga, we know, but most of you reading this can do it.

Do that a couple of times instead of just standing and stretching whenever you need a break. It’ll open up your body and help with pain and tightness in your shoulders, back and hips. Just don’t let anyone catch you doing it, it looks ridiculous.

No. 4 – Take An Extra Couple Steps

Sometimes your options for a little extra movement are so apparent they fail to occur. Even with an office job, there are tons of opportunities to get up and move around. Some suggest standing every time you get a phone call (and pacing if you’re cellular). Walking to and from lunch is another popular suggestion, though that one is at the mercy of your location and your time constraints.

A simple, so-obvious-we-can’t-even-believe-we-have-to-say-it slice of advice is just ‘do stuff in person.’ Need to send an email? Why not walk over to your colleague’s office and do it face-to-face instead? Have a one-on-one meeting? Suggest a walk-and-talk for the chat.

According to Mayo Clinic obesity researcher Dr. James Levine, “Within two weeks, you could get addicted to walking and working.’


No. 5 – Just Observe Basic Good Posture (Here’s How)

If all of that sounds like a little too much for you, don’t worry. We’ve saved the best news for last. No matter how many balance balls you buy or how many exercises you do in your little cubicle, none of it makes any difference if you don’t understand good posture.

Honestly, just sitting up straight will help you eliminate aches and pains and reduce your chances of dying in that chair. The video below explains the basics of good posture. Commit it to memory and you’re already better off than your slouching colleagues.

[Images: Pensiero, star5112]

5 Tips to Healthy Snacking

If you’re trying to lose weight (or keep the weight off), one thing you need to control is the urge to have unplanned snacks. You know, when you want to nibble or graze on something while watching TV, or reading a book, or while you’re crunching numbers for your homework, or trying to solve a problem at work. It’s those tiny morsels that can make or break your diet.

Snacking itself is not bad. Sometimes your body does need a little energy boost. The trouble begins when you snack on food that are full of empty calories. So if you feel the need to have some munchies, ditch the potato chips and chocolate bars and substitute the following food items instead.

Have some avocado

Image Source: Wikimedia

Image Source: Wikimedia

If you feel like something rich, creamy and savoury – get an avocado and mix it with some milk or spoonfuls of cottage cheese instead of grabbing a small tub of ice cream from the store. By combining fruit and dairy, you not only get a snack that is rich in fibre, you also increase your protein intake. You’ll end up feeling full and with energy to last until the end of the day.

Pop some popcorn

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Popcorn has always been branded as “unhealthy” food however, recent studies have shown that, although popcorn lies in that thin line between junk and not junk food, it has a stronger effect on satisfying hunger than potato chips. Plain popcorn (no butter, salt, caramel or any additional flavoring) has lower calorie count than regular potato chips so it’s a great way to satisfy your craving for junk without worrying too much about gaining chunk.

Havva cuppa coffee

Image source: Wikipedia

Another “no-no” that’s acceptable provided it’s taken in moderation. Caffeine speeds up the body’s metabolic rate for up to three hours, and causes a greater rate of fat oxidation. However, excessive caffeine also cause a host of other health problems so it is recommended that you take 1-2 cups per day, and ideally, only in the morning.

Go nuts on nuts

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Nuts are known to be healthy alternatives to snacks so go nuts on those! Choose plain, healthy nuts and try not to munch on lots. It may sound bizarre but 12 pieces of pistachio nuts is considered a-sized good serving; six pieces for almonds, cashews or mixed nuts; and about 10 for small peanuts.

Give in to temptation …

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Your  brain works in a funny way – if you keep telling yourself that a particular food items is “Forbidden” your body will crave for it endlessly until you give in and, when that happens, you’ll most likely consume a lot of it in one sitting. Instead of depriving yourself of life’s simple pleasures, allow yourself to have a small treat every so often. But remember to watch your portion sizes, and the frequency. Having 1 small square of chocolate, three times a day, 7 days a week as a treat is NOT the way to do it.

Finally, remember to eat properly and regularly. Starving yourself between small meals two or three times a day is not the way to lose weight nor is it in any way a healthy way of living. By including healthy snacks in your day you’re more likely to lose the extra pounds and make you reach your fitness goals sooner!

What is the cause of “Stinky Feet”?

Image Source: Wikipedia

Having smelly feet is not laughing matter – even though it’s often portrayed as such in comics and comedy films. It’s obviously a very embarrassing condition so it’s best to try to understand what causes this instead of making fun of the person who suffers from it.

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