7 ways to update your makeup routine after 30


Our skin changes after 30. Cell renewal and collagen production slow down, and even before our first wrinkle appears, we know that we no longer look like teenagers. Our skin can start to look dull. We may see discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Hormonal changes and stress can also cause breakouts. And as our skin changes, our […]

Using visualization to improve your health


Visualization doesn’t just make you feel better; this popular relaxation technique releases the body’s natural ‘tranquilizers,’ or chemicals in the brain that are known to lower blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety. It is an excellent way to handle stress or any conditions triggered or worsened by stress, such as headaches and even PMS. Read […]

Evolution of Man: Non-diet

evolu v3-2

Contrary to the saying that as men grow older they become more complainers. Actually men’s health when they grow older is greatly influenced by their health behavior when they were younger. Despite this fact, men tend to develop chronic illnesses because non-diet or very little recognition to their diet is a significant factor that increases […]