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5 Tips to Healthy Snacking

If you’re trying to lose weight (or keep the weight off), one thing you need to control is the urge to have unplanned snacks. You know, when you want to nibble or graze on something while watching TV, or reading a book, or while you’re crunching numbers for your homework, or trying to solve a problem at work. It’s those tiny morsels that can make or break your diet.

Snacking itself is not bad. Sometimes your body does need a little energy boost. The trouble begins when you snack on food that are full of empty calories. So if you feel the need to have some munchies, ditch the potato chips and chocolate bars and substitute the following food items instead.

Have some avocado

Image Source: Wikimedia

Image Source: Wikimedia

If you feel like something rich, creamy and savoury – get an avocado and mix it with some milk or spoonfuls of cottage cheese instead of grabbing a small tub of ice cream from the store. By combining fruit and dairy, you not only get a snack that is rich in fibre, you also increase your protein intake. You’ll end up feeling full and with energy to last until the end of the day.

Pop some popcorn

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Popcorn has always been branded as “unhealthy” food however, recent studies have shown that, although popcorn lies in that thin line between junk and not junk food, it has a stronger effect on satisfying hunger than potato chips. Plain popcorn (no butter, salt, caramel or any additional flavoring) has lower calorie count than regular potato chips so it’s a great way to satisfy your craving for junk without worrying too much about gaining chunk.

Havva cuppa coffee

Image source: Wikipedia

Another “no-no” that’s acceptable provided it’s taken in moderation. Caffeine speeds up the body’s metabolic rate for up to three hours, and causes a greater rate of fat oxidation. However, excessive caffeine also cause a host of other health problems so it is recommended that you take 1-2 cups per day, and ideally, only in the morning.

Go nuts on nuts

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Nuts are known to be healthy alternatives to snacks so go nuts on those! Choose plain, healthy nuts and try not to munch on lots. It may sound bizarre but 12 pieces of pistachio nuts is considered a-sized good serving; six pieces for almonds, cashews or mixed nuts; and about 10 for small peanuts.

Give in to temptation …

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Your  brain works in a funny way – if you keep telling yourself that a particular food items is “Forbidden” your body will crave for it endlessly until you give in and, when that happens, you’ll most likely consume a lot of it in one sitting. Instead of depriving yourself of life’s simple pleasures, allow yourself to have a small treat every so often. But remember to watch your portion sizes, and the frequency. Having 1 small square of chocolate, three times a day, 7 days a week as a treat is NOT the way to do it.

Finally, remember to eat properly and regularly. Starving yourself between small meals two or three times a day is not the way to lose weight nor is it in any way a healthy way of living. By including healthy snacks in your day you’re more likely to lose the extra pounds and make you reach your fitness goals sooner!

What is the cause of “Stinky Feet”?

Image Source: Wikipedia

Having smelly feet is not laughing matter – even though it’s often portrayed as such in comics and comedy films. It’s obviously a very embarrassing condition so it’s best to try to understand what causes this instead of making fun of the person who suffers from it.

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Keep Calm and Eat On (10 food items that can help you keep calm)

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 7.38.41 PM

It’s a known fact that having too much stress in your life can cause a whole lot of undesirable effects on your body. Too much stress can cause headaches, migraines, upset stomachs, nausea .. and who knows what other long-term effects this may have on the body.

Unfortunately, no one can totally eliminate stress from their lives. Even the pious buddhists monks somehow encounter stressful situations. The only defence we have against this is to learn how to deal with it. This can be done via mental and physical exercises such as doing yoga; going on holidays or short vacations; doing something new; going shopping; and (would you believe it) eating!

Yes! Eating can help you keep calm. However, this doesn’t mean you can go out and binge on burgers and pizza. The key to eating for calmness is to eat the right kinds of food items. Having a proper diet can greatly affect how a person thinks and feels. If you’re keen on lowering your stress levels, try to include more of the following food items in your day-to-day consumption.

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Ways to go Hairless (threading, waxing, shaving and plucking)

Image courtesy of o5 on Flickr

Almost everybody has hair – and hair grows virtually everywhere. You have hair growing on your head, on your face, in your ears and nostrils, on your arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest, toes, fingers, and your privates … everywhere! Having hair is normal though some people are more hirsute than others. If having a few extra strands bothers you, you can always have these removed. Here are four fairly common hair removal techniques that you can consider if you want to tidy up your hairy bits.

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OUCH! You Pierced Your What?! (common body parts people get pierced)

Actor Jeffrey Damnit’s headshot highlights the piercings on his nose, eyebrows and ears


Piercing or body piercing has become increasingly popular, both among the young and not so young, nowadays. Walk down any street, in any city, in any country and chances are you will always bump into someone who has, at the very least, one kind of body piercing.

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Investing in Socks

That’s right, socks – not Stocks. Those wool or cotton garments you put on your feet – they are important. You should invest in good, quality socks – not cheap ones. Yeah, Don Johnson may have made wearing shoes without socks look good – but that’s true only in TV’s Miami Vice. In reality, Don Johnson’s character James Crockett wouldn’t have been able to, literally, run after the bad guys without wearing socks.

Warm Wool Socks

Socks are probably one of the most under-appreciated garments around. Many people take these for granted and only replace their socks when the ones they own are well worn on the heels (and perhaps, the toes). However, you really shouldn’t wait until your socks are splitting at the seams before you replace them. Do yourself (and your feet) a favor and read on. Maybe you’ll learn to value socks after you understand how these make your life (and the lives of others) more comfortable.

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