Recycling Designer Fashion Online

Designer Fashion

One of the advantages of finding designer clothing and accessories online is that you can find items that cost a lot less than you would at a boutique or department store. In fact, many online outlets feature consignment shops with recycled designer clothing and accessories. In some cases, you can swap items with others. You […]

What on earth is she wearing? (7 “Different” Celebrity Wedding Gowns)

Mermaid Style Wedding Gown courtesy of SevenYearItch @ Flickr

We’ve all attended weddings and we have, undoubtedly, oohed and aahed as the bride, in her beautiful white wedding dress, walked towards the altar to marry the man she loves.  Usually the wedding gown would bring out the natural beauty of the bride, however, there may have been times when you’d shake your head and […]

Reasons Men Should Wear Cufflinks

There was a time when men who take care of their appearance meticulously are frowned upon. This attitude is somehow seen as unmanly. But times have changed, over the last decade or so, men have started to question that perception and have come to embrace the fact that men also have the right to take […]