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5 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

Image Source: Wikipedia

Christmas is probably the one time in the year where most people gain an insane amount of weight. And why not? There are constant Christmas Parties, gifts in the form of cookies, cakes and chocolates, family dinners and of course, there’s the Christmas Meal. It’s impossible to say “no” to all the delectable goodies being offered.

However, there are some ways you can keep the weight off during the Holiday Season.

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Crazy Celebrity Mugshots and What They Were Arrested For

Just like anyone else, celebrities can sometimes end up finding themselves at the wrong end of the law. Just as with any ordinary person, a mugshot is of course, in order.  For celebrities, however, this just means one more embarrassing photo to be spread out on the internet. Here then, are some of our most favorite celebrity mugshots:

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8 Celebrities Who Had Recently Gone Broke

‘Celebs are people too!’ has long been the mantra for anybody suddenly finding their celebrity heroes in an embarrassing fixes that compromise their dignities. And this is true – celebrities are indeed people just as you and I are, albeit with issues blown way out of proportions. What may be a falling out with a friend due to unpaid money you borrowed is kind of like the same thing as earning tons and tons of cash, splurging on mansions, and ending up owing the IRS for a celebrity. Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who were a bit down on their luck and ended up broke recently. [Read more…]

The Greatest Legal Underdogs of All Time

In the land of litigation, money and influence are equal to might, but somtimes the underdog manages to pull a fast one over the legal heavyweights. This infographic looks at 6 famous cases where the small guy won.

Source: Best Paralegal Schools Online