3 Types of Men To Marry And Be Miserable


Blame it on Cinderella and Fifty Shades of Gray. Because of them, the population of baby boomers and millennials with XX chromosomes looked for their own Prince Charmings and Christian Grays to marry. And they lived miserably ever after. Picking the man you plan to live with ’til death do you part should be a […]

9 Tips To Finding Happiness In The Ordinary

Finding Happiness In The Ordinary

We all grew up equating happiness with celebrating special occasions, reaching milestones and achieving coveted objects. It’s your birthday. You’re graduating. You just bought your dream car. These events are cause for joy and jubilee. For the average person living an ordinary life, fame and fortune can be mesmerizing. But the reality is, everyday life […]

How Men Cope after Divorce

How Men Cope after Divorce

Divorce affects spouses in different ways. Women, who are more emotional in nature, often suffer the most during and after the divorce process. They end up alone with the kids, have little money and may experience depression for a long time. They feel devastated most of the time as they face the truth that their […]

Dealing With Grief


It’s not something that most of us like to think about, but we are all going to experience grief in our lifetime. Many different situations can cause grief – not just the death of a loved one. For example, couples feel grief when they realize that they cannot have a child, and we all grieve […]

12 Days of Christmas

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During the Christmas Season, one of the most ubiquitous carols is the 12 Days of Christmas. It’s practically a staple in any Christmas Carol fest and sung by choirs. While you’re trying to remember what gift was given on a particular day (and trying desperately to catch your breath at the same time), have you […]