3 Types of Men To Marry And Be Miserable


Blame it on Cinderella and Fifty Shades of Gray. Because of them, the population of baby boomers and millennials with XX chromosomes looked for their own Prince Charmings and Christian Grays to marry. And they lived miserably ever after. Picking the man you plan to live with ’til death do you part should be a […]

Benefits of Being on a Wedding Registry

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Bridal or Wedding Registries … there was a time in the not so distant past that you cannot even think of suggesting to a bride that she should sign up for a bridal registry.  It was just … not done. Back then, people felt that the soon-to-be-married couple were being cheeky for even suggesting what they […]

5 Ways to Minimize Wedding Costs

Image source: Flickr

Without a doubt, weddings will always be wonderful events which celebrate the union of two people. Most couples initially start out by planning a small intimate occasion but somehow find themselves spending more than what they have planned for due to a host of miscellaneous unexpected items not included in the couple’s original checklist. If […]

What on earth is she wearing? (7 “Different” Celebrity Wedding Gowns)

Mermaid Style Wedding Gown courtesy of SevenYearItch @ Flickr

We’ve all attended weddings and we have, undoubtedly, oohed and aahed as the bride, in her beautiful white wedding dress, walked towards the altar to marry the man she loves.  Usually the wedding gown would bring out the natural beauty of the bride, however, there may have been times when you’d shake your head and […]

TIps for dealing with conflicts with your partner


Conflicts are inevitable part of any relationship. Considering the emotional and psychological makeup of the two sexes, and their unlike personalities and upbringing. It is impossible for couples to agree about everything at all times. A healthy partnership must have a room for constructive criticisms. Both parties need to be able to assert their opinions, […]