From Online to Offline Dating – Safety precautions when you’re ready to meet in person

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All the hard work you’ve put in setting up your online dating profile has finally paid off! You’ve made several online connections and, after evaluating profiles, exchanging emails, making occasional cellular phone calls, and sending countless text messages, you’ve narrowed it all down to one person: MysteryDate123. And you’re now ready to finally meet this […]

Guide to Planning a Buck’s Night


The fabled buck’s night is said to be the most anticipated highlight of a single bloke’s life. As best man and Official Organiser of Surreptitious Shenanigans, it’s your job to plan and make the most of the groom’s last night of freedom—at a level that the groom can abide by, of course. No idea where […]

How to Pick a Perfect Gift for Your High School Sweetheart


Finding the perfect gift for your sweetheart is a challenge. You want to give her something that shows her how much you care, without emptying your wallet. If you need a little guidance on how to find a great affordable gift, you can’t go wrong with these ideas: Jewelry Jewelry does not have to be an […]

How to prepare for a meeting with a recent ex


You’re going through a rough breakup. You’re crying, drained, miserable—obviously not looking or feeling your best. But you have to meet up with your ex, whether it’s to return his things or because of an unavoidable get-together with mutual friends. How can you prep for the meeting so you don’t look heartbroken? Here are some […]