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From Online to Offline Dating – Safety precautions when you’re ready to meet in person

All the hard work you’ve put in setting up your online dating profile has finally paid off! You’ve made several online connections and, after evaluating profiles, exchanging emails, making occasional cellular phone calls, and sending countless text messages, you’ve narrowed it all down to one person: MysteryDate123. And you’re now ready to finally meet this person offline.

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5 ways to get in the mood for a date


It’s been a long day at work, and part of you just wants to collapse in front of the TV and drown your sorrows in chips and reality shows. But you’ve got a date, and in the next hour you have to transform yourself from stressed-out to sexy. Here are some tips. [Read more…]

Guide to Planning a Buck’s Night

The fabled buck’s night is said to be the most anticipated highlight of a single bloke’s life. As best man and Official Organiser of Surreptitious Shenanigans, it’s your job to plan and make the most of the groom’s last night of freedom—at a level that the groom can abide by, of course. No idea where or how to start? Fret not! Below is a step-by-step guide on planning a memorable buck’s night. [Read more…]

5 things to do when your boyfriend shuts you out

It starts off like a regular date with your guy. You get dresses, thinking you’ll have a great time, but he arrives in a funky mood. He zones out, or snaps at everything you say. Or he just looks distracted. What’s going on in your guy’s head? What can you do to avoid this mood from escalating into a fight? And what can you do every day to get him to open up and tell him what’s really bugging him? [Read more…]

How to Pick a Perfect Gift for Your High School Sweetheart

Finding the perfect gift for your sweetheart is a challenge. You want to give her something that shows her how much you care, without emptying your wallet. If you need a little guidance on how to find a great affordable gift, you can’t go wrong with these ideas:


Jewelry does not have to be an expensive pair of diamond earrings. You can purchase a charm bracelet, stud earrings or a similar item at a local retailer for less than $20. Without spending a lot of money, you can give your girlfriend a gift that complements her style and makes her smile. [Read more…]

How to prepare for a meeting with a recent ex

You’re going through a rough breakup. You’re crying, drained, miserable—obviously not looking or feeling your best. But you have to meet up with your ex, whether it’s to return his things or because of an unavoidable get-together with mutual friends. How can you prep for the meeting so you don’t look heartbroken? Here are some tips. [Read more…]

Single moms: going on your first dates after a divorce

Therese had been divorced for over a year, and was wondering if she was ready to re-enter the dating world. ‘How do I know if it’s time? How do I tell my kids? How do I prepare myself?’ Experts give tips [Read more…]

Are you and your boyfriend ready to live together?

Are you and your boyfriend ready to move in together? Read this before you pack anything. While moving in may seem romantic, or even practical (‘we can split the rent!’) you need to discuss some things—for the sake of your sanity and your relationship. [Read more…]

3 signs you should stop dating someone

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the sexual chemistry or the excitement of meeting someone new that we ignore a very basic fact: the two of you are totally incompatible. You can keep dating and having fun, but eventually realize you were totally stupid to miss the signs and waste so much time on Mr. Wrong. Here are some red flags you just can’t afford to ignore. [Read more…]