9 Tips To Finding Happiness In The Ordinary

Finding Happiness In The Ordinary

We all grew up equating happiness with celebrating special occasions, reaching milestones and achieving coveted objects. It’s your birthday. You’re graduating. You just bought your dream car. These events are cause for joy and jubilee. For the average person living an ordinary life, fame and fortune can be mesmerizing. But the reality is, everyday life […]

12 Days of Christmas

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During the Christmas Season, one of the most ubiquitous carols is the 12 Days of Christmas. It’s practically a staple in any Christmas Carol fest and sung by choirs. While you’re trying to remember what gift was given on a particular day (and trying desperately to catch your breath at the same time), have you […]

12 Ways to Help Your Community This Summer


Neighborhoods are invigorated and strengthened by the contributions of caring and creative individuals — people who take the time to give back locally and cultivate community on their own block. Restoring communities on a local level is better than donating time to a larger cause because you probably understand the needs of your community. Here’s […]

How to be confident (on days when you feel most insecure)


Some people seem to ooze confidence. It’s something about the way they talk or carry themselves, plus the way they respond to situations that would leave the rest of us flustered. But it’s not a ‘natural gift’ that only a few can enjoy. Here are some tips on how to look and be more confident.