Home Inspection Franchises: A Route to Lucrative Self-Employment?


Image credit People hire the services of home inspectors for a number of reasons. Often, before purchasing a new house, these professionals are called in to survey the dwelling, looking for structural damage and performing interior and exterior checks. It’s a process that is repeated across the country day in and day out. But few […]

11 Essential Tips to Establishing a Startup


What do the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Groupon and Instagram have in common? All are highly successful startups built from scratch that have grown to become formidable  companies and global household names, but also game changers that revolutionized their respective industries, and even created new ones. These businesses started out as crazy ideas that […]

How International Shipping Opens Up ECommerce Markets


History highlights how trade has shaped the world. Across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, it has been commerce that fueled exploration, introduced new products to different lands, and (on a less savory note) played a crucial part in spreading disease and wiping out major populations. It is thanks to international trade that the world […]

5 Tips on Setting Up Your Own Business Franchise

A business franchise is not everybody’s cup of tea. Anyone who wishes to enter this world will do well to understand what he or she is going into. Here are 5 tips to set up a business franchise with more probability of success: Image 1. Understand the Business Franchise Concept Operating a business franchise is […]

How to Optimize Your Website for Conversions

When building or overhauling your website, it’s easy to get caught up in your overall objective – converting prospects into customers. However, that approach alone can easily get you off track. From your brand and core messaging to the site layout, it’s important to keep all your efforts focused on solving your targeted audience’s problems. […]

Why Businesses Are Suffering From the Boomer Retirement

As millions of workers in the Baby Boomer generation prepare to retire, many businesses are feeling the effects in a negative way. Unlike today’s younger generations who are more comfortable switching from job to job, the Baby Boomers were brought up with the idea that the American dream included a steady job with one company […]

All About Currency Cross Pairs


A currency cross pair (also known as a cross-currency pair, or simply a ‘cross’) is a currency pair that does not include the US dollar. There was a time when you cannot change currencies without having to convert it first to dollars. For example, if you have GBP and you want to convert it to […]

The Different Types of Forex Orders


The instructions you make in order to enter and exit a trade are called orders. There are different types of orders you can enter and it while some are basic, other orders depend on the kind of forex trading strategy you have formulated. Following are the basic order types you can place in the forex […]

The Basics of the Forex Market


Currencies exchange, which is also known by many names that include the foreign exchange market, forex market or simply the FX market, is one of the busiest and most active financial markets on the planet. The Forex market is where the global commercial and investment flows meet and intersect. The very origins of the market […]