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Is a Truck Driving Job Meant for You?

Driving a truck has its perks and disadvantages. But if you’re someone who loves to maneuver a steering wheel and cruise on the road, a job as a truck driver may suit you.

The trucking industry provides one of the highest number of jobs in the U.S. Right now, there are more than 3.2 million people employed in this sector.


Trucking jobs have been on the rise in the recent years with a 3.4 percent rate increase noted in 2011 compared to the 2010 figure. Additionally, some 111,000 drivers are needed by 2014 due to a number of factors. A large percentage of drivers in the long-haul trucking sector are nearing retirement and government regulation has implemented stricter driver safety standards.

Truckers do different types of jobs and not just simply drive a large vehicle to various destinations. Many are delivery drivers who bring dry and perishable goods to people and companies in various locations. [Read more...]

Studying For A Job In Healthcare


The medical profession is one of the most respected. Be it doctors, nurses, support staff, managers or administrators, a career in medicine is seen as a noble pursuit, and one that can be financially and emotionally rewarding for the individual concerned. A highly specialized area, medical professionals naturally need to undergo intense study and training to even come close to being ready. Both academic and on the job training is required, and only the very best will be able to last the duration of the course. As well as clinical jobs, there are also a growing number of managerial jobs in the healthcare industry, which come with the same high expectations. [Read more...]

5 Things Recent Grads Should Consider


Once graduation celebrations are over life after college is something every college senior needs to start thinking about. Students often cannot imagine life outside of school – most of them have never lived without school to guide them. Some go through decades elementary, intermediate, high school, then and college education, only to find themselves lost after graduation. Jumping into a new career, finding a residence, or continuing one’s education are just some of the things new grads have in mind. Take a look at these five things that one should explore after graduation. [Read more...]

Going Global: Get Your Graduate Degree Overseas


If you didn’t find time to study abroad as an undergraduate and are thinking about going to graduate school, now may be the perfect time to look into opportunities overseas. Plenty of prestigious universities around the world offer graduate degrees, and when you study abroad, you’re getting more than just an education – you’re getting to experience a different culture and gaining a broader understanding of the world. [Read more...]

Three effective ways to overcome procrastination


One of the toughest challenges of any worker is having to deal with procrastination. Even the most diligent employee can experience procrastination at some point. While this is normal, it becomes a problem if it becomes a habit and your work begins to suffer.

But there are ways to overcome procrastination. Here are three effective ways to deal with it: [Read more...]

Essential Tips To Help You Wrestle With An Unruly Inbox



We’ve come to depend on emails for many of our work functions. Emails are now a primary tool for office communication so you can expect it your inbox to get flooded with emails especially if your work needs constant collaboration with colleagues and clients. Before you know it, you’ve got an inbox gone haywire – there’s just so many messages that you are left reeling. Your productivity tool has transformed itself into another chore that is derailing your schedule. [Read more...]

5 tips to help you become Employee of the Month


We all want to have high performance ratings. Not only does this increase our chance at a raise—or even a promotion!—emotionally, we need the satisfaction and fulfillment of knowing that we’re doing a good job. Here are some things that will help you get straight A’s in the corporate report card. [Read more...]

What to do when you don’t know what you want


You want to change your life—make it more exciting, more successful, more fulfilling. But how? You’re not sure about what you want, and you’re not sure what you need to change. Here are some ways to achieve some kind of emotional or spiritual clarity so you can tell what is missing and then go forth and do something about it. [Read more...]

How a Remote Monitoring Tool can Help a Business

Small business owners today enjoy much convenience in the sense that they can start a business without having a brick and mortar store and even without an assistant. They can operate singlehandedly giving them total control over their operations.
virtual assistant
Businesses that become successful, however, will eventually have to hire a staff to help the owner do the other minor tasks. With an assistant to help him or her with replying emails, answering calls, making reports and updating websites, an entrepreneur will be able to focus on the operations and set goals moving forward.

Hiring an admin or personal assistant today does not necessarily mean the person will have to work in the home office of the entrepreneur. With no real office involved, getting a virtual assistant is the most ideal option. What the business owner will have to do then is just monitor remotely the work of his assistant.
[Read more...]