4 Financial Decisions You Can’t Afford To Put Off In 2014

Financial Decisions Not To Put Off In 2014

We’re now just two weeks in to the New Year. By now, most resolutions have crashed and burned into a fiery mess of disappointment and inaction. However, there’s still time to turn things around. One resolution, in particular, that needs your attention: finances. Here’s what you can’t afford to put off in the weeks ahead: […]

5 Immediate Steps to Take When You Become an Identity Theft Victim

identity theft victim

Being online today can expose people to both positive and negative things. And while the positive may outweigh the negative, it can definitely be a scary and traumatic experience if one becomes a victim of hackers and other fraudulent people. It is for this very reason that internet users need to take the necessary precautions […]

Should I Trade Stocks & Commodities on the Metatrader Platform?


Until recently, if you wanted to trade stocks, stock indexes or commodities such as oil, natural gas, wheat or sugar, you needed to deposit large amounts of money and use cumbersome trading platforms. Recently a good alternative emerged, which is trading stocks and commodities through the popular Metatrader platform, which up to now was used […]

4 Reasons Why Borrowing from Your 401(K) is a Bad Idea

Borrowing money from a 401(K) is unfortunately a pretty common practice. Though majority of people with 401(K) plans do not touch their retirement savings and take out a loan against it, there are enough people who do so, committing a mistake with serious financial repercussions. Photo Credit: 401(k) 2013 While borrowing from your 401(K) may […]

Loan Options for People with Poor Credit History

Poor credit score FICO

Getting approved for a loan can be difficult if you have a bad credit score. Whatever the reason for your poor credit history may be, you can bet that approaching financial institutions for the the usual loan options will end up in one rejection after another. In cases where you do get approved for a […]

Online vs Offline Loan Application: What’s the Best Option?


There’s no denying that the internet has made life so much easier for people. With so many financial transactions that can be done online these days, consumers enjoy the convenience they never experienced in the past. From buying and selling to banking and applying for loans, people can now do it via the internet. But […]

Benefits of Being on a Wedding Registry

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Bridal or Wedding Registries … there was a time in the not so distant past that you cannot even think of suggesting to a bride that she should sign up for a bridal registry.  It was just … not done. Back then, people felt that the soon-to-be-married couple were being cheeky for even suggesting what they […]

Ten Thrifty Traveler Tips (traveling on a shoe-string budget)

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Even though the world has not shrunk in size, advancements made in communication and transportation has somehow, made it smaller. People are bombarded with news items, travel documentaries, pictures, videos of amazing and exotic places – raising curiosity and feeding on man’s innate travel bug. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to walk on the Great Wall […]