Five Reasons Anxiety Can Keep People From Working

General Anxiety Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or GAD, is a severe mental condition that may render an individual unable to perform his or her normal job duties. Bouts of nervousness and anxious bodily reactions characterize the condition. A person who is suffering from GAD will have problems that are so detrimental to his or her health that working […]

Keep Calm and Eat On (10 food items that can help you keep calm)

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It’s a known fact that having too much stress in your life can cause a whole lot of undesirable effects on your body. Too much stress can cause headaches, migraines, upset stomachs, nausea .. and who knows what other long-term effects this may have on the body. Unfortunately, no one can totally eliminate stress from […]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy (7 Simple Ways to Happiness)

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A lot of people desire to be happy – and they constantly are searching for something or someone to give them the happiness that’s missing in their lives. Unfortunately, true happiness comes from within. Having all that you want – clothes, cars, dream house (which could be a cottage in the middle of a meadow […]

Relax tense muscles in 20 minutes


Sore muscles, but too busy to get a massage? Try progressive muscle relaxation therapy or PMRT. Despite its unwieldy name, it is really simple: you alternate between tensing and relaxing different muscle groups. It’s as calming as squeezing a stress ball, and also teaches you to be aware of unconscious tension. Doing this regularly can […]

How to keep your mind sharp


Growing forgetful? Finding it hard to keep your focus and concentration? You can blame it on age, but here’s the good news: recent research shows that your brain can repair and renew itself. Even those who have suffered from major trauma form new neural connections and ‘retrain the brain.’ So can you! Here are some […]