Check-list To Organising Your Wedding


You have settled on a date, and now its time to start making the real plans. It can be daunting organising your wedding because there is so much to be done. The first thing that many experts will tell you is that attempting to do it all yourself is not really the best way to go about it. Get some help, from friends, family and even experts. As you recruit your wedding planner team, you need to have a check-list so that you do not leave anything out. Here are the most important things to have on that check-list.

This will be the highlight of your wedding and you want to look your best. Start to plan for your dress early. Some people think that looking at lots of dresses and choosing one is a good way to go, but this is a time waster. Relax and imagine the kind of dress that you want. Have it sketched out and then start to look for it.

  • Bridal Party Outfits

Recruiting this party early is key in getting their outfits picked out right. Let them have a choice in the matter, and remember that in modern weddings, they do not all have to have outfits that look alike.

  • The Venue

This depends on how much you want to spend and how simple you want to spend. Choose a venue that is easy to access for your wedding reception, away from traffic routes so that you can make your way there and out without a fuss. Visit your venue and employ your imagination to see what the actual day will look like. This will help in organising the wedding faster than if you keep trying different looks.

  • Your Cake

The best wedding cakes are planned for months in advance, so if you can, do yours like this. Start to look for someone who can make a perfect cake and then negotiate with them for a good price. In other words, check the value you’re getting for your money.

  • Your Invitations

These are not as easy to visualise as your dress, but if you go for simple and elegant, you can narrow it down from there pretty easily. Use the theme color of the wedding to make it easy to come to a decision.

These are the most important things that you have to take into account when organising your wedding, but of course there are more. Keeping a level head and taking a step by step approach is the key to getting everything right.


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