Does Slim Fast Really Help You Lose Weight?


One of the most popular brands for people who are weight conscious or planning to lose weight is Slim Fast. Slim Fast is a popular brand of dietary supplements that come in various forms like shakes, snack bars, and even packaged meals. The Slim Fast shakes are probably the most popular product of the brand and is meant to act as a meal replacement for breakfast or lunch. But does Slim Fast really work in helping a person lose weight? Or is the only thing that’s “Slimming Fast” is your wallet?

Slim Fast and Calorie Counts

First, let’s consider the benefits of using Slim Fast. Its biggest benefit can be that it gives people a relatively easy way of losing weight in the form of meal replacements. The meal replacement method brings with it a number of accompanying benefits, like teaching people to eat more regularly and consuming healthier food portions.

Slim Fast can help in reducing your weight because it reduces the amount of calories you ingest. Generally, the Slim Fast replacement meals and other products in the line are generally 200 calories less than its regular counterpart. By introducing calorie-lessened meals, you’ll lose weight because you’ll consumer less calories compared to what you regularly eat. This will work even if you only do minimal exercise (but of course the effect will be more noticeable if you complement the Slim Fast plan with regular exercise such as walking).

Slim Fast provides a good balance of nutrients

The Slim Fast meals, snacks and shakes are not the same as the usual home cooked meals but it is still packed with nutrients. You’ll find the usual requirement of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals in these products. It may seem like Slim Fast products won’t have as much nutritional value because it is being sold as a way of losing weight but in reality, it is only the number of calories that are reduced. It still contains the nutrients you will expect from the meals you eat. In fact, it has more protein and fiber than regular meals because these two ingredients contribute to the feeling of fullness that will sate an individual. This results in you eating less and not binge eating or snacking incessantly.

How to make sure the Slim Fast diet works

For the Slim Fast plan to work effectively, you will have to follow the plan faithfully. You should eat fewer calories so you should be more aware about the kind of food you eat throughout the day. Also, to hasten the weight loss, you should exercise regularly. Based on the studies of Slim Fast, a person can lose up to ten percent of his body weight within six months of faithfully using their products. That’s a relatively significant weight loss.

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