Easy ways to jumpstart your diet


Frustrated by your weight? It can take a heck of a lot of motivation to start on a huge exercise program or embrace a rigorous diet, but even a few small changes can help shave off those extra pounds, and hopefully jumpstart your commitment to healthier (and fitter!) living. Here are some tips.

Eat smaller and more frequent meals

Think five to six times every two hours consisting of meals that are 100-200 calories each. You will keep your appetite in check, raise your metabolism, and since you never reach the point when you’re ravenous and desperate, you reduce your chances of binging.

Know your calories

There are a lot of hidden calories in drinks or even the salads you are eating (like buttered croutons and dressing). You shouldn’t go crazy measuring every morsel you eat, but being informed and educated about your food choices will help a lot so you know what to cut down on, and what to eat more of.

Get moving

Just try to keep moving as much as possible in your everyday routine. Go bowling with friends instead of eating out. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go for a five minute walk with your dog. Find a workout that suits you; it can be aerobics, Pilates, or just plain running, but it has to be something you can fit into your schedule and something that you actually enjoy doing. You’ll be dropping unwanted pounds in no time!

Make healthier swaps

For example, ditch white bread for whole wheat or whole grain varieties. Have fruit instead of cake for dessert. If you have a craving or a favorite junkfood then look for something that has similar flavor and texture but less fat and sugar. For example, have unsalted popcorn instead of potato chips when you’re watching TV.

Boost your metabolism

When your metabolism is at full speed, your body burns the calories you consume and converts the food you eat into energy, and none of it gets stored as fat. Some foods such as hot peppers, grapefruit, oatmeal, and brown rice are thought to improve your body’s ability to burn food—load up!

Plan your meals

You know this scene a little too much: you rush to work without breakfast, grab a latte, and end up ravaging a gigantic fast food meal at lunch just because you are starving and have nothing decent planned out. Your hunger got the best of you. To avoid this, set aside some time on a Sunday to plot out your meals for the entire week, if not for the next day, so as to avoid being derailed from your weight loss program.

Give into your cravings

You don’t have to swear off cupcakes for life. Whenever you crave for something that you fear might add inches to your already big enough muffin top, go ahead and take a bite. But please don’t finish the entire box. It’s good enough to savor a piece of something really good knowing you can still have it next time.

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  • Ali Hussain

    I have tried the Gym, it really helps. Plus once you start gym your appetite automatically reduces.