Freight Forwarding: An Overview

Freight Forwarding

What is freight forwarding?

Freight forwarding revolves around the shipping of goods from one point to another. It is done by coordinating with carriers, which can ship the goods via air, rail, road, or sea.

Freight forwarders may deal with a single carrier, or they may have deals with multiple carriers, depending on the scale of their operations.

The importance of choosing the right freight forwarding partner

With trade between countries and continents ever increasing, the role of freight forwarding has only become more and more important, so much so that freight forwarding associations have been established in most countries. In Europe, the main group is the EFFA, or European Freight Forwarders Association.

It is vital for any business involved in importing or exporting goods to have a reliable and cost effective freight forwarding partner. Timely shipping and delivery is of essence for a profitable business. Additionally, reliability and minimal costs will push the business forward.

More so, a good freight forwarder will help you navigate the intricate world of shipping between countries. Every country has its rules and regulations, and while you can take the time to learn all of these, a good freight forwarder will take care of these matters, freeing up your time to focus on your core business.

Some tips in choosing a freight forwarder

When choosing a freight forwarder, it is imperative that you take a look at what is available and make sure that your choice will meet your specific needs and preferences.

First, do a background check on the freight forwarding company. It is best if they are affiliated with the professional body governing the industry. Also look for client testimonials, which can give you insight on how the company operates and deals with their customers.

Second, do not make a decision based solely on price. There will always be companies quoting really low prices as compared to their competitors. But this does not always mean that you will be getting the service that you want! More so, some companies may give you an initial quote which does not include other fees, which will only surface down the road.

Third, take a look at the company’s experience in shipping the specific type of cargo that you are shipping. Not all freight forwarders deal with the same types of cargo. Some deal with varied goods, while others have a specialization. Your best bet is to go with a company that already has extensive experience shipping your kind of cargo.

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