Guide to Planning a Buck’s Night


The fabled buck’s night is said to be the most anticipated highlight of a single bloke’s life. As best man and Official Organiser of Surreptitious Shenanigans, it’s your job to plan and make the most of the groom’s last night of freedom—at a level that the groom can abide by, of course. No idea where or how to start? Fret not! Below is a step-by-step guide on planning a memorable buck’s night.

Step #1: Make the guest list

Like any party, you’ll need to make a guest list but make sure you prepare it with the groom. You’ll most likely include his other closest friends, college buddies and quite possibly relatives (out of courtesy). This means your guest list could include the groom’s uncle and nephew.

Step #2: Plan the activities

If you’re having a traditional buck’s night, then you can start with dinner or cocktails at a restaurant. This is the ideal time to accommodate relatives and friends who may not be open to the typical buck’s night debauchery. Once that’s done, it’s time for the other activities at the (ahem) gentlemen’s club. Take note, however, that you can also go to a casino, rent out a penthouse or drink like a fish at the groom’s preferred nightspot.

If the groom isn’t into such proclivities, remember that you always have the option to do other stuff like bungee jumping, skydiving, playing paintball and/or laser tag, or watching a horserace—whatever the groom wants to do.

Step #3: Inform the establishments

As you make your arrangements, inform the establishments (particularly the ones that don’t show mammaries) that you’re having a buck’s night so that they’re forewarned about the noise that your posse may make. Remember to give a tip to the person in charge, and be ready for any other possible expenses.

Speaking of cost, see to it that the groom doesn’t shoulder anything. You can finance the party by gathering funds from the other guests, although the results of your solicitation could vary. Because of this, you should be ready to handle part of the bill, especially if you’re planning something expensive, or risk making it a two-person affair.

Step #4: Ready your ride

If you plan on consuming copious amounts of alcohol (or any liquor for that matter), then you should make arrangements for transportation. Hire a vehicle, ideally a limo, that’s large enough to accommodate the entire group so that no one would have to drive separately. This is important: if anyone brings a separate vehicle, they shouldn’t be drinking during the festivities.

Step #5: Bring extra grub

While you may be having dinner earlier, don’t forget to pack some extra food and drinks, just in case anyone gets hungry or thirsty.

Step #6: Enjoy the party

A buck’s night isn’t about seeing female sweat glands, but about spending time with friends. The objective here is to have fun—not necessarily titillation. While it’s true that “what goes on tour should stay on tour”, this doesn’t mean you should deliberately do things that would get you and—more importantly—the groom in trouble with the missus and/or the law (though in many cases, they mean the same!). Keep your collective noses clean and enjoy the party.

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