Homemade toothache remedies


A toothache can be quite an excruciating experience. It’s the kind of pain that radiates through your whole being and it’s something you can’t just cradle with your hand to try and soothe it because, in the worst cases, a simple touch on the affected area is enough to trigger a bolt of pain shooting up your head. It’s not something you’d want to experience.

Unfortunately, a toothache will occur at anytime and without any warning. If you suddenly get a toothache at home, you can try this proven homemade remedy to manage the pain until you can find a dentist.

First, get some garlic, clove oil, tea tree oil and cold water.

One way to control a toothache is by using clove oil. Put some oil on a piece of cotton and place the soaked up cotton on the aching tooth. Allow it to stay for about twenty minutes and not any minute longer. Throw the cotton away after you’ve used it. You can also use fresh cloves if you have it at home. Just chew the clove using the affected tooth. Clove oil has known antiseptic properties and it will help in preventing infection.

Another remedy is by using garlic. You can turn garlic into your personal chewing gum. All you need to do is to chew two pieces of garlic cloves for about ten to fifteen minutes three times a day. Garlic has strong antibacterial properties that can actually combat the bacteria that cause toothache. Always have garlic on hand with you when you suffer from toothache so you can chew it wherever you are. Forget about the bad breath, that’s the least of your worries at this point.

You should be more vigilant in brushing your teeth if you have a toothache. Concentrate especially on the affected tooth. Of course, you can only do this if your tooth is not that sensitive. There are some toothaches that make the whole tooth very sensitive. If your teeth is too sensitive for brushing you can gargle with a mouthwash instead. Gargle thoroughly so that the mouthwash will kill the bacteria.

If you have a guava tree in your backyard, get two to three leaves, rinse it and then chew the leaves using the side of the mouth where the affected tooth is located. The juice of the guava leaf will help alleviate the pain.

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