How a Remote Monitoring Tool can Help a Business

Small business owners today enjoy much convenience in the sense that they can start a business without having a brick and mortar store and even without an assistant. They can operate singlehandedly giving them total control over their operations.
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Businesses that become successful, however, will eventually have to hire a staff to help the owner do the other minor tasks. With an assistant to help him or her with replying emails, answering calls, making reports and updating websites, an entrepreneur will be able to focus on the operations and set goals moving forward.

Hiring an admin or personal assistant today does not necessarily mean the person will have to work in the home office of the entrepreneur. With no real office involved, getting a virtual assistant is the most ideal option. What the business owner will have to do then is just monitor remotely the work of his assistant.

Virtual assistants are in great number these days and they are located in the different parts of the world. They have their own home office and can be monitored by the clients they provide service to through various means. They can do work by the hour which makes it cost effective to hire such a staff to help you run your business.

Normally, a remote monitoring system is the best way that a business owner can supervise the work of his personal assistant. This can be set up easily and is very affordable. This is usually a downloadable software application which the entrepreneur and his assistant can use. It has to be downloaded by both parties to allow for remote monitoring of work accomplished and time spent on the different tasks.

A software like this can do various functions. It can record a desktop, take screenshots, block access to computer, monitor keystrokes, monitor computer activity and do remote reporting. This tool is very useful and is one way to ensure productivity and efficiency.

In addition to this software app, there are other free communication tools that can be used. The business owner can use email in communicating with his staff on a daily basis. There’s also the Skype that allows for instant messaging as well as voice and video chat. This also allows group calls.

Above all these, however, it is still essential for a business owner to constantly supervise his staff. This will ensure that you make everything clear particularly when it concerns the tasks you want done and what to prioritize. This step will also allow your assistant to clarify things with you if he or she has questions. Most importantly, it will let you see that your assistant is doing what he or she’s supposed to do and not working on other things.

As the owner, it is your responsibility to inform your assistant that you will be using a remote monitoring software. You also have to explain beforehand your rules and the regular tasks you want to be performed on a daily basis.

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About the guest author:

Bonnie is an entrepreneur involved in selling vintage items online. He uses My Team Monitor to check the work progress of his virtual assistant.

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