How to Become a Beta Game Tester


Testing games during its beta phase is the final step before a game publisher releases a game to the public. Beta testing a game is a way for game developers to find out if the game has any problems or glitches. This final check on the product, so to speak, is a very important step in the manufacture of software and video games.

The job of beta tester is quite rigorous and demanding because many people want to become beta testers because of the opinion that playing games for a living is so much fun. Here is a guide on how to become a beta game tester. It is brief and straightforward, like all of’s recipes for life.

Research on the field of beta game testing

Read up on beta game testing and what the actual work entails. For example, testing games and game beta testing are two completely different jobs. Beta testing is usually volunteer work. There is usually no compensation – the payment is the fact that you get to play a game before anyone else. Testing games is the job where you will get paid. The responsibility is to play the games and review the game. There are some companies though who will hire people to become beta testers and pay them a salary for their efforts.

Gain experience as a beta game tester

Like any other skill, you’ll need to develop your beta testing abilities to be able to work for companies. You can do this by looking out for open beta testing opportunities and testing your skills there. You can write a review of the game or list down the bugs or glitches you see.

Write a good resume

Beta testing is still a job and like any other job, you’ll apply for it. Develop a good resume that you can present when you apply for a beta testing job. Emphasize the qualities or experience you know the gaming companies will look for. For example, you can cite any walkthroughs you may have made. Don’t forget to put in that cover letter explaining your desire to get the job and enumerating your related experience and qualities that you think will be good for a beta game testing job.

Look for the beta game testing companies

A beta game testing job is a very specific job and is not the kind of job that is always seen in the classifieds. Compile a list of companies that offer beta game testing as their service and send your resume to them. Vacant positions are usually not advertised anymore that’s why you need to be more proactive.

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