How to Child-proof Your Oven

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Your home is a haven for you and your family. But let’s face it, it is also filled with many things that could be potentially dangerous to your children. Stairs, electrical outlets, table corners, glass doors and heavy objects are just some of the things that could harm your baby, toddler or child. The parenting skill is really to prevent any accidents from happening by being vigilant.

One of the things that may seem innocuous in your home but is a potential hazard is the oven. The heat of the oven is enough to seriously injure your child. That’s why child proofing your oven is the best way to prevent accidents from happening. Here are some tested parenting tips from busy moms.

Parenting tip # 1: Use the self-locking mechanism

Most ovens have a self locking mechanism that will prevent the doors from easily opening. If your oven has one then you should always use it. If your oven does not have this safety feature then buying a child proof lock at the home appliance or hardware store is a good way to prvent accidents.

Parenting tip # 2: Install a plastic oven guard

Your child may wander to a hot oven and touch its surface — drawn by the shiny metal or the promise of brownies baking inside. He can burn his fingers. To prevent this accident, install a plastic oven guard.

Parenting tip # 3: Install dial guards

Dial guards are a good way of preventing your child from playing with the dials and accidentally turning the oven on. This may sound like overkill because most stove dials will require the user to push the dial then twist it. But there are some children who could actually learn to do this. Also, if the oven is already turned on, they can play with the dial, raising the temperatures or turning it off.

Parenting tip # 4: Use the back burners

There are stoves that carry both front and back row burners. For additional safety try to use the burners on the back row instead of the front row. This way, your child will not easily reach any pots or pans.

Parenting tip # 5: Keep your child busy.

One of the main reasons for children wandering into the kitchen and playing with things they shouldn’t touch is boredom and frustration. If you keep them occupied they won’t do things they shouldn’t do and will give you the opportunity to do your work faster. Offer them different activities that will help distract them. You can even teach them to do chores that are relatively safe – like preparing the table or folding the napkins. If you have older children you can ask them to help you by babysitting for their younger siblings.

Do remember, however, that despite all the precautions you make nothing can substitute for actual parental supervision.

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