How to deal with backpain during pregnancy

Young pregnant Caucasian woman holding her painful back

By the third trimester you will be so big that your body will ache from the weight of the baby you’re carrying. Back pain will make it difficult to move around or even fall asleep at night. You may also become more tired, since something as walking from one end of the street to another will feel like a full body workout. Here are some things you may need to know about backpain and how you can deal with it during pregnancy.

One in 10 women complain about back pain during pregnancy. It is aggravated by a number of things. First of all, the hormones have signaled to the body that you are preparing for the birth of your baby, and the ligaments and joints in the area are starting to loosen up. This is great for the day of labor, but it also means that you will have less support in that area.

Your posture is also affected by the shift in your center of gravity as your baby grows and changes in position. This puts even more weight on the back area, causing day-long discomfort which is further aggravated whenever you stand or bend over.

The only 100% solution to back pain to pregnancy is to give birth! But there are ways to reduce the pain and frequency of back pain. Exercising before and during pregnancy (as guided by your physician) can help strengthen your muscles and prepare them for the weight and pressure your body will endure in the last trimester.

You can also avoid putting too much stress on the back area by squatting whenever you need to pick something up, and wearing comfortable shoes (in general, stop wearing heels by the third trimester). You can also wear a support belt under your abdomen.

To treat back pain, try applying hot or cold compresses. If the discomfort is interfering with your ability to fall asleep at night, try lying down on your left side and supporting your knees with a pillow. You can also seek a pre-natal massage by a credit massage therapist or chiropractor who is used to providing treatment for pregnant woman.

Call your doctor immediately if the back pain is increasingly severe or comes abruptly. Back pain accompanied by rhythmic cramps can also be an early sign of labor.

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