How to Enjoy a Static Caravan Vacation

Many families love to travel together. But since going on a holiday in a faraway place or much more, in another country can be very expensive, a popular option is to do a caravanning vacation instead.

This type of family holiday is very affordable, particularly if the family owns a mobile home. Also, it lets the members spend quality time together most of the time in whatever kind of activity they like to do regardless of the location.

Caravanning can be done in two ways – mobile or static. The mobile type means you travel together in a mobile home to wherever you want to go. The static one means you still stay in a mobile home but remain in just a single place for several days. It can even be just within your backyard or you rent one in a specific park.

Oftentimes, static caravans are fully furnished. They are meant to serve as home away from home and are also referred to as stay-cation.

In the U.S., these mobile homes are also called trailers while in other countries, it is referred to as caravans.

Caravan rentals

Some people who are well off find it convenient to purchase their own caravan that they can use anytime they want and can bring it to any place they like to visit. For the others who don’t have the budget, however, they have an option to rent a mobile home at a particular park where this is available.

Different caravans for rent are often available. They range from the regular to the more luxurious that feature more expensive furnishings inside the mobile home.

Buying a caravan is possible from the manufacturer or a dealer. Another option is to buy one from the site you prefer but this is usually entails more work as you need to first look for a specific site near your favorite holiday destination.

The stats

Static caravans are very popular in Europe. They are more preferred than camping and touring caravans. Data from UKTS showed that in 2010, U.K. residents took 16.6 camping and caravanning trips and spent 2.3 billion pounds. Of these trips, static caravans topped the list at 43 percent followed by camping at 28 percent and touring caravans at 29 percent. The average length of each trip was 4.3 nights while one in three people were found to have taken a camping or caravanning holiday in the last three years.

Getting an insurance for your caravan holiday is an important consideration. Make sure you specify your needs and you’re covered for various risks that may exist in the destinations that you visit.

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About the guest author:

Albert from Surrey loves to take caravan vacations every year and he makes sure to always obtain a Static Caravan Insurance before his trip.

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