How to Play With Your Baby (Age 0-3 months)

How do you play with a new born baby? They don’t show any interest in games, they don’t respond and you are not sure if you are getting through to them. Well, you are. At this age, the brain cells are developing rapidly and your baby is like a sponge that soaks up anything it can see. If you keep them engaged, you stimulate mental function and you make their lives interesting as well.

Talk to them

Not only does it help your baby talk sooner, they learn how to focus when someone is speaking to them. It sounds crazy, but put your baby next to you and just talk away. You can use baby voices but not all the time as real speech does not sound like that.

Sing to them

This is just like you probably did for them when they were in mom’s tummy. Don’t worry if you don’t have a good singing voice, all you want to do is make sure that they learn your identity. You can also play them a sift instrument.

Play peek a boo

As they grow older, baby’s eyes start to focus and they can follow moving objects. Peep in their cot, talk to them so that they can focus on you and then move away slowly until you are out of their range of vision. Don’t stay too long before you surface.

Buy them colorful toys

Babies love color their brains are growing and each thing they see is a new experience. Showing them color stimulates their brain and makes their life interesting. It also helps them with motor coordination when they reach out for toys in later months.

Tickle their feet

You increase their sensory perception and it gives them pleasure. Do one foot and then the other, all the time talking and looking into your baby’s eyes. You can use something soft to tickle.

Playing with your 3 month old can be exhausting for them, so keep it brief and fun. If you tire them, they will get irritable and cry. If you see that they dont like a certain game, stop, let them take a break and then try something different.

Keep in mind that no matter what game you are playing, it needs to be kept very soft dont raise your voice, dont laugh out too loud and dont make sudden movements.

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