How to Radiate Positive Energy


Some people are ‘energy vampires.’ Within a few minutes of being with them you feel heavy, defensive, restless. Even if they’re nice to you, you just don’t feel like being around them. On the other hand, there are people who seem to exude enthusiasm and positive energy. They put you at ease, and something about them wants you to be with them all the time.

What kind of energy do you radiate? Here are tips on how to exude positive energy, so people will want to be around you!

Life tip # 1: Find the good in everything

This doesn’t mean you have to be gullible. You just know, in your heart, that even the most difficult person or circumstance can teach you or help you somehow. So you keep an open mind, and let go of the irritation and anxiety. For example, don’t say ‘I hate this job!’ think, ‘This job will refine my skills and prepare me for a better one.’ Or instead of ‘That guy’s a jerk!’ focus on ‘he is teaching me patience and how to see things from a different perspective.’ Read this article on how to make stress work for you!

Life tip # 2: Quit the blame game

Constructive criticism
helps you realize your weaknesses so you can improve them. Blame is completely different: its intention is to pull someone down, not help him grow. It says, ‘This is all your fault!’ or ‘you’re stupid!’ and many times the opinion is untrue. The blamer simply wants to absolve himself of responsibility.

You can’t control other people’s reactions or opinions, but you can choose to filter what they say: ‘Is there real truth in what they’re saying? If yes, I will use it constructively. If no, I will ignore it.’ You can also be more conscious of what you say. ‘Am I blaming someone so I can absolve myself of responsibility? How can I learn from this experience?

Life tip # 3: Invest in ‘me time’

It’s normal and natural to get irritated, tired, frustrated, angry. But you need time ‘wash it off’—just like a bath purges your body of stinky sweat and sticky dirt. Schedule quiet time doing something you love. Start and end each day with meditation or prayer.
Too stressed and busy to have quiet time? On the contrary, the busier you are, the more quiet time you need! IT will help you manage your anger and clear your head.

Life tip # 4: Be interested in others

Positive people are genuinely interested in learning about other people. They radiate this enthusiasm and sincerity that puts others at ease. As they say, ‘People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.’ You can start becoming a better listener, and on a greater scheme of things, seeing your work and your every day tasks as a chance to make a difference. For example, preparing a meal is a chance to make your family happy. Or, a sales call is a chance to meet a customer’s need with a good, reliable product.

Life tip # 5: Laugh more

Don’t take yourself too seriously! Spend time with friends and family, and just have fun! Watch silly movies and Youtube videos. Develop a playful sense of humor—not sarcasm, but a lightheartedness that helps relieve the tension in stressful situations. People love that!

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