How to Save Money on Spa Treatments


There’s nothing like a spa treatment to relax after a long day, or erase wrinkles (and years!) from your face. But spa treatments are expensive, and in this economy, many people are either giving up their beauty treatments or drastically cutting them down.

But there’s a way to get your regular spa fix without overspending. Here are our money saving tips to help you get discounts and even freebies from your favorite spas.

Money saving tip # 1: Ask about off-peak rates.

Many spas will charge lower for days or hours that tend to have less customers. Usually these fall on Monday to Thursday, early morning. You can try scheduling your appointment then.
The same thing goes for spa vacations. These places will often drop their rates after tourist season, or offer great group packages if you go there with a friend or two.

Money saving tip # 2: Ask about the calendar for special promos.

Not all promos are heavily advertised or marketed. Ask customer service if they plan to have any special deals (like package rates for pedicures and footspas, or anniversary discounts and blowouts).

Money saving tip #3: Subscribe the spa’s Twitter, Facebook or email .

Most spas won’t really advertise their discounts and promos, but they will announce them on Facebook, Twitter or email newsletters to hook in loyal customers. Simply joining these groups can give you an inside scoop on special offers and even free treatments or classes.

Money saving tip # 4: Sign up for the spa’s club or loyalty program.

Many spas offer annual memberships that give amazing discounts or special bonus treatments (like a free facial for every massage). Others have loyalty cards where you get a bonus treatment after you earn a certain amount of points.

Money saving tip # 5: Ask if your spa has group rates.

Team up with your other friends (at least five) and approach the spa owner or manager to ask for a group rate. This usually works for smaller spas, not national chains.

Money saving tip # 6: Ask if your spa has series treatments.

There are some treatments, like laser hair removal or micodermabrasion, that require several appointments. Ask if you get a larger discount if you pay upfront, or find a spa that does. These types of treatments are a long-term commitment and worth shopping around.

Money saving tip # 7: Go straight to the private practitioner.

Many massage therapists, manicurists, etc. have a set of private clients that they see after work. They’ll do at-home services and will charge less than the spa. Best thing is you get to be pampered at home—no traffic!

Money saving tip # 8: Go to a beauty school.

Many massage schools and beauty schools offer very cheap (or even free!) treatments so their students can ‘practice’ on the client. You probably don’t want to do this for very delicate chemical treatments, but these are perfect for body wraps, manicures and pedicures, footspas, etc.

Money saving tip # 9: Pay only for what you need.

Invest in spa treatments or massage treatments that really make a difference, thanks to special ingredients or new technology. But there are many treatments you can do yourself, saving you enough money so you can splurge on what matters. For example, read our article on how to have a spa-quality facial at home. Or, you can buy foot soaks and foot scrubs to slough off dead skin and keep your feet looking their best, at a fraction of the price.

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