How to tell an ex to stop trying to talk to you

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Practically everyone goes through a breakup. It’s a painful experience, yes, but it can make you a better person in the end. In order to get through a breakup properly, you need to have some distance. Temporarily stop communicating with them to give both of you time to heal the emotional wounds. But what if your ex insists on communicating with you despite your specific request that you have some time on your own? How do you tell an ex to stop talking to you?

First of all you need to be crystal clear on your request. It may be initially difficult to really articulate what you want because the atmosphere is still emotionally charged but try to be perfectly clear in saying that you do not want to communicate with your ex for the time being. Don’t beat around to bush by being obtuse about what you want. Neither should you attempt to sugarcoat what you want to say. At this point everything you say will have some emotional weight anyway so just go ahead and say ‘I don’t want to speak or see you anymore.’ It’s a simple statement that does not leave anything for misinterpretation.

When you do tell your ex about what you want do follow through. Keep your end of the deal by actually not contacting your ex. Don’t show any kind of weakness and try to establish any communication. It will just lead to more complications in the end.

If your ex does try to contact you, do your best to be consistent. Do not entertain them if they call you. Cut the conversation if they speak to you and remind them about your request. Don’t be afraid to reject your ex if he or she does not follow your request. It may take a while before they finally get the picture and stop contacting you. Do not, for whatever reason, try to make concessions and entertain a certain phone call just to shut him or her up. This will just lead to more problems.

Do things from your end to discourage your ex from contacting you. In this day and age, it is quite easy to change mobile phone numbers. Change your number once you have the opportunity. Delete your ex from your social network and as an added level of precaution block their account so they can’t contact you or eavesdrop on your profile.

If you want to take the extra step because you really want to send a message or if your ex has begun to harass you, leave your house. Stay at a friend’s or relative’s place for a few days. You should also change your daily routine. If you go to the gym on Wednesday afternoons, for example, change it to Friday morning so he or she won’t have the opportunity to drop in on you unannounced.

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