Improving Life Through Education

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Education may not be as basic as food, clothing, and shelter in the hierarchy of man’s needs, but it never the less occupies an important spot in the life of a human being. Man’s happiness goes beyond mere survival. There is a yearning for the finer things in life and education forms part of attaining such a desire.
Education helps people improve their lives. At the beginning where there were still no acknowledged teachers, those who have dared to learn by themselves had a clear advantage over the others. Understanding how nature and things work in relation to human lives provide the means to making life meaningful and fulfilling.
Traditional education has not been a convenient option for working professionals because of its attendance and time requirements. For a long time, working professionals had to make a difficult choice between work and study if they were serious in finishing an interrupted degree program or pursuing higher learning. Those who chose to continue working eventually gave up their educational goals while those who choice to study gave up their salary to enter on-campus study.
Fortunately today, working professionals no longer have to face such a hard decision since they can have both by opting for online study. Online degree programs have made it possible for students to continue working while studying at their most convenient time. What online programs demand from students is their dedication and time management to make the program work.
One of the more interesting online degree programs being offered at present is the online mph program. This is the Master of Public Health Program offered in a convenient online format. A basic requirement of this program is a bachelor’s degree preferably in a related course so there will be no additional courses that will be required to be taken. The foundation of the program is provided by a set of core courses that is expected to lay the basis of specialized learning. An online mph program is a recognized professional credential that is accepted as a qualification for leadership positions in public health.
Improvement of life involves being on an industry which one would like to be part of and in a position which provides much personal satisfaction from being seen as someone who is qualified to hold critical positions in the public health industry. Man lives not only for survival but also on knowing that he or she is able to contribute greatly to the operation of a company and service of the people. The right educational program can help bring such goals to fruition.
About the Guest Blogger
Linda James is a medical practitioner who involves herself in health missions in remote countries all over the world. She has personally benefited from finishing an online mph program.

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