Make a homemade conditioner for frizzy hair

frizzy hair

A lot of people with very curly or wavy hair complain about how hard it is to manage their hair. Their type of hair is very susceptible to becoming frizzy. Getting frizzy hair is quite easy with their hair type. Just combing their hair roughly or brushing vigorously is enough to give them frizzy hair. Another culprit is not regularly conditioning their hair. One of the best remedies to combat frizzy hair is by conditioning curly or wavy hair daily so that it won’t dry up, which is what happens to frizzy hair. There are many conditioning remedies that can be found in stores and salons but these can get very expensive.

A great alternative is to just make your own deep conditioning treatment for your frizzy hair. Making it is quite easy and the ingredients are readily available at home or in the grocery.

The ingredients you’ll need is one avocado, half a can of coconut milk, coconut oil, extra virgin coconut oil and honey. The avocado and coconut oil are both packed with a lot of essential oils and will give the hair much needed moisture. The honey will provide a sheen to the hair. The first step is to peel the avocado and chop it into small pieces.

Get all of the ingredients and put it all in a blender or food processor. Blend it until it assumes a creamy consistency. Avocado has a very strong smell. If you don’t particularly like the smell of the mixture, add some drops of lavender oil to make it smell more pleasantly.
Now that you have creamy mixture, it’s time to put it on your hair. Before applying this conditioner brush your hair first to remove any tangles. This will prepare your hair for the conditioner, helping to coat it better. Put the mixture to your head and gently massage it in all the way to the tips. Make sure to massage the mixture as well to your scalp. For those who have very thick hair, applying the mixture can be more easily done by sectioning the hair and putting mixture in by section.

When you’ve finished coating your whole hair and scalp with the deep conditioning mixture, put a shower cap on. You can also use plastic wrap on your hair. Now get a towel and wet it with hot water. Wring the towel and then place wrap it around your head. The heat will help in opening up the hair shaft and allow the conditioning mixture to penetrate well into the shaft. Leave it in for about 30 minutes to an hour. You can now wash off the conditioning mixture with water and a mild shampoo. Towel your hair dry but avoid vigorous rubbing.

Remember to deep condition your hair with this mixture regularly. Treating your hair at least once every week will help prevent frizziness.

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