Reasons Men Should Wear Cufflinks

There was a time when men who take care of their appearance meticulously are frowned upon. This attitude is somehow seen as unmanly. But times have changed, over the last decade or so, men have started to question that perception and have come to embrace the fact that men also have the right to take care of themselves and present themselves well in public.

Surprisingly enough, this change in how people view men and style have also coincided with a renewed interest in that staple of men’s accessories – the cufflinks.

Cufflinks are a standard accessory for men. But it is commonly seen as an accessory that one only wears during formal occasions. But this view is changing. Cufflinks are now also entering casual dressing and it’s a welcome development.

Here are some reasons why men should wear cufflinks:

It’s a subtle but arresting fashion statement

Men are generally not flashy dressers. They hardly wear accessories, but a pair of cufflinks worn with a good French cuff shirt makes for an arresting fashion statement, mainly because cufflinks are, as mentioned above, only associated with formal events. Using cufflinks in everyday wear is a bold statement but in an understated manner.

Cufflinks are a cool fashion accessory and jewelry

Men have a lot of limitations when it comes to wearing accessories and jewelry. They just don’t have enough options. Wearing a necklace is extremely tacky and too many rings make them look cheap. Cufflinks are a great accessory and jewelry. It’s not very obvious but it makes people take notice when they see it. There are also a lot of styles that they can choose to match their preferences, mood or wardrobe.

It creates an air of class and style

Cufflinks used to be relegated to black tie events or formal affairs. But because of relaxing fashion trends, it can now be worn during casual occasions. But cufflinks have brought with it the aura of style and class that it has imbibed from being a staple of those ‘upper crust’ events. That’s why when you see a person wearing cufflinks, they immediately gain this air of being classy and stylish. This is something that men should take advantage of.

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    • Ali Hussain

      These days I have noticed people with cufflinks are meetins, it is becoming more of a trend now.