Sweet things to tell your guy


Everyone wants to feel appreciated! Sometimes a compliment can feel more romantic than a dinner date. And when your guy is feeling down or tired, these sweet nothings will lift his spirits and boost his confidence when he needs it the most.

Appreciate his sense of humor

He may not be Jim Carrey, but if his sense of humor (and the fact that it’s so much like yours) is one of the reasons you fell in love with him, say so. Don’t just say, ‘You’re so funny.’ Go for the gold! ‘No one makes me laugh like you do!’ or ‘You always know exactly how to help me see the humor in any situation!’

Say thanks for the advice

Admittedly it can be annoying the way a guy will try to ‘fix’ any problem with all sorts of suggestions and ideas. ‘Why can’t you just listen?’ But once in a while, he does make sense. And each and every time, he’s just concerned and trying to help in the only way he knows how. Say thanks by acknowledging his efforts, or just spontaneously wrapping your arms around him and saying, ‘You always give the best advice.’

Rave about a body part

So he’s not exactly a heart throb. But zero in on one of his best features. ‘You have really sexy shoulders.’ Or, ‘You have the most mysterious, piercing eyes.’ Grab every opportunity to tell him when he looks good, too. ‘That shirt really shows off your tan.’ Or, ‘I like how those jeans show off your butt.’

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