Thanksgiving party ideas


Throwing a thanksgiving party? These unique and meaningful Thanksgiving party ideas will make your celebration extra special. Find something to entertain kids, or to help even adults become kids-at-heart. You’ll also be able to collect sweet mementos that you can put into scrapbooks!

Thanksgiving Art Contest

While you wait for the turkey to be done, give guests a few sheets of paper and pencil. Then ask them to draw whatever reminds them of Thanksgiving—pilgrims, pumpkins, Grandma’s apple pie. Then hang them on the walls—instant decor—and have everyone vote for the best drawing! Collect these in a scrapbook or laminate them and make them into placemats that you can use next year.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Bowling

Great for kids! Pick small pumpkins that measure 4-6 inches in diameter. Then arrange several plastic liter soda bottles in the same formation as bowling pins. (The kids can decorate the soda bottles—this is something that will keep them busy as you prepare dinner.) Now get rolling!

Thanksgiving Happy Box

Decorate several old shoeboxes and write the name of each family member. Then give out slips of paper to everyone. Ask them to write a note for everyone, saying thank you to that person. You can write phrases like ‘My favorite memory from this year is…’ or ‘I really appreciate how you…’ or ‘I’m always happy when you…’ or ‘One thing I learned from you is…’ These phrases can help them work through writer’s block.

Thanksgiving Family Trivia

How well do your relatives know each other? Collect little known facts about each person and have a contest. ‘Which family member has been to Paris?’ or ‘Where did Uncle Booey get his nickname?’

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