The Downsides of Daily Computer Use

It’s a reality today that a lot of people use their computers on a daily basis. Whether working at home or in the office or running a business, many are in front of their PCs doing various tasks or playing video games for hours.

Medical experts have long pointed out that this habit is not healthy as it can lead to health problems and even serious diseases such as chronic insomnia, vision issues, game addiction and obesity. Sitting for long hours causes back and eye problems and does not contribute to a good metabolism which can cause a person to gain more weight through the years. The bright light from the computer can also affect the eyes and can cause headaches which can lead to difficulty in sleeping at night.

There’s still hope, though. Just make sure you don’t forget to take a quick break from what you’re doing with your computer and do a little exercise every now and then so you can save yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We share an infographic here that will give you tips on how to use your PCs the right way and save your health.


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