Tips on easing morning sickness

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Some lucky moms go through the first trimester without feeling anything more than a little queasiness. However, there are a few that feel sickening waves of nausea at the slightest smell. For them, it’s a challenge to keep any kind of food down, and their ‘morning’ sickness extends long past noon and can last through the whole day. Here are some tips that may help.

Eat something before getting out of bed

Though it seems like it may not be a good idea to eat since that is just more food you may throw up, eating can actually help keep morning sickness at bay. Your best defense is preventing nausea before it starts. Have crackers by your beside and chew on a few before you get out of bed. Having some food in your stomach will make you less likely to experience morning sickness.

Keep fresh scents around

Sometimes morning sickness is associated with smells. Just a whiff of something strong and potent can turn your tummy quickly and send you running for the restroom. Estrogen is the hormone that is responsible for smell and this can be heightened during pregnancy giving you a very keen and discerning nose. When you can, open a window and grab some fresh air. This will help clear you head. Or carry fresh scents with you to help keep nausea at bay. You can choose a lemon scented extract or a sprig of fresh herbs to help banish potent smells.

Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day

Eating smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to three big ones may help reduce your morning sickness symptoms. When your stomach is empty you are more likely to feel more nauseated so it’s best to keep snacking throughout the day.

Stay hydrated

Although this actually seems like a no-brainer, some women tend to forget to get in their eight glasses of water a day while grappling with nausea. This is especially true now because the more dehydrated you become the more nauseated you’ll feel. If it becomes difficult to get the fluids in find creative ways to keep your drinks down. Sometimes drinking ice cold or piping hot drinks can help. Tepid fluids can often make you gag.

Grab the ginger

Ginger has been known as a stomach soother and studies have shown it can help quell nausea and sooth the throat at the same time too. You can try adding bits of ginger to your drinks or meals like a thin slice in your water or tea. You can also try gingersnaps or gingerbread too if you prefer something sweet.

Chill out

Cold citrus fruits can do wonders. Slice up some oranges and place the slices in the freezer. Pop some out the next day and place them on your tongue if you need some relief. The combination of the cold and tart flavors can be surprisingly soothing.

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